Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

If I am the only one this applies to, please don’t tell me. But if you’re like me then, I hope you will find this post helpful.

Have you ever been driving to get your Christmas tree and seen signs like, “Douglas Fir, only $49.99” but have to ask yourself, “What in the world is a Douglas Fir?!”

Apparently, I either missed this day in school, or completely failed the test, but every year I feel like a complete idiot because I have no idea what kind of Christmas tree I have.  Well it’s been 26 years of oblivion and it’s about time I educate myself. 

I used to think that all evergreens looked exactly the same.  I was wrong.  When you put them all right next to each other, which admittedly is not very common in the wild but to the wonders of the internet is completely possible, you can clearly see the differences.
Fraser FirFraser Fir
Scotch PineScotch Pine
Douglas FirDouglas Fir
White PineWhite Pine
Leyland CypressLeyland Cypress
These trees grow in difference areas of the country, depending on the climate.  Douglas Fir have the sweetest smell & are grown on the east coast.  I like the look of the Leyland Cypress, but I don’t think they are great for Christmas trees because the ornaments slide right off the needles. 
I actually really like the look of the Douglass and the Leyland together and had them as part of the decorations on the pews at our wedding.Wedding- 11Wedding- 12
Fraser Firs are common in the Midwest, east coast, and the south. This is in fact what we have this year. With the Fraser Fir the needles are much shorter and ornaments can hang on better (unless you have a toddler or puppy going  behind you and pulling off what you just put on the tree lol)
Phil took this picture of me decorating the tree a few weeks ago.  I will have to snap some pictures of the final product for you though.DSC_1163
Do you feel smarter now?  I’m sure glad I finally know what I’m talking about so I don’t have to just nod and smile ;-)  What kind of tree do you have this year? 
xoxo Darby


Morgan said...

we also have a Fraser Fir! growing up, we always had some sort of pine, but I did grow up in the "Piney Woods" of East Texas! :-)

Lindsay said...

Looks fabulous! And don't you look adorable in your cute boots! Sadly, we didn't put up a tree this year, since we left town so early. My parents have an artificial tree though. :)

Lindsey said...

We have an artificial since usually we are gone for 2 weeks in TN. It would die. However, in TN, we always go and cut a real tree.. which is super fun!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

Actually I do feel smarter now! Our tree is some kind of silver fir or something, the hubs knows. I choose to remain unknowing :)

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