Wednesday, October 12, 2011

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Strappy Strips

I am 100% girlie-girl.  Probably since the time I could walk I was wearing “hee-highls” <—this is what I used to call high heels when I was a little girlie-girl.  I may be much larger and can pronounce shoes correctly, but I still love ‘em; that much has not changed. 


I wear heels everyday.  Even my flip-flops have a heel or a platform.  It doesn’t matter what I’m doing each day, I find a way to wear my heels.  It doesn’t hurt that I married a 6’7 man <—God made him just for me & my 4-inch heels :-)


When I was younger my mother used to always tell me, “It hurts to be beautiful”


Well, not anymore mom ;-)


I have found the most wonderful product for shoe-lovers:


Strappy Strips!!!!


I took my boots in to the “Shoe Hospital” to get polished a couple weeks ago.  I asked my shoe’s “doctor” about something to prevent my sling-backs from slipping (maybe I’m a little slow to finally ask after suffering all these years).  That’s when he told me about Strappy Strips; He has changed the life of my tootsies forever!


These strips are amazing!  They come in several colors and have an adhesive back.  It’s sticky enough where they wont fall off, but you can always move them later.  The cushions prevent blisters and red marks.  Strappy Stripes

I cut them up and put them on my sling-backs, the edges of pumps that rub my ankle, & around the front of my peep toed shoes.  Seriously I’m walking on clouds!  Shoe Example 1Shoe Example 2If you wear heels you *must* try these strips out .  I have some for back-up in my closet, and I have some in my purse; you just never know when you could use a Strappy Strip.


Go get some of these!!!!!

xoxo Darby


Jen said...

I must have these! I've worn a few pairs of my heels only once or twice because they hurt so badly, but this might be the cure!

Lindsay said...

I have never heard of these, but must give them a try! Thanks for letting me know about them!

sherri lynn said...

Darby you are too cute! I love that you are always wearing heels. Sadly I have gotten sooo lazy in the shoe department and basically always wear flats or flip flops now. But good to know about the strappy strips for the occasional heel I wear! I hope you're having a great week!

Crystal said...

Oh my goodness! What a brilliant invention! I wish I had known about these during my banking days, but I am so excited to discover them now, because I still love my heels! Thanks! :)
p.s. "hee-highls"- LOVE it! That is too cute!

Simply Camylla said...

loving the heels!!!

Happy Wednesday,

Irish Italian Blessings said...

These are genius! I always have blisters at the back of my ankle after wearing straps, good thing I only really wear uggs and flip flops :)

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