Monday, October 31, 2011

The Boys are Back in Town

I would be flat-out, bold-face, lying if I even pretended to be on top of things.  I’m constantly behind and scrambling to catch up; I hate being this way, but I have yet to figure out how to put the world on hold so I can catch-up.  So over the summer I wrote a lot of posts for this here bloggy-blog and it has gotten me through today, but now my post-cushion is exhausted.   wamp  wamp lol 

Now I’ve got to catch you up on things we’ve been doing for the past 2 months hahaha  oops!  At the beginning of September, Phil and I went back to the coast because one of our friends from college was getting married.  Because we don’t go home often (generally, once a year), we tried to cram as much into the weekend as possible  We didn’t sleep much, but we had a fabulous trip!

Late Thursday afternoon (after work), we flew into Washington, D.C. and drove to Richmond (my hometown…about an hour and a half away).  I had dinner with my sister and dad and Phil went and visited with some friends from college who he hadn’t seen since we got married. 

Friday morning we got up early and went to have lunch with my mom and then drove to VA Beach.  This drive would normally take 1 to 2 hours, but took us a little longer.  I insisted on stopping at the outlets (lol) so we ended up hitting some traffic near the tunnel (oops).  We went to VA Beach because that’s where the wedding was, but also where Phil’s brother lives.  Friday evening we had a great time visiting with Phil’s brother and fiance. 

Saturday, before the wedding, we went with Phil’s family to the beach.  It was gorgeous!!!  Nothing, like a TX beach! lol
Pretty beaches :-)DSC05894
What’s a day at the beach without a little frisbee? DSC05901
After our beach trip, we got ready for the wedding, reception, and after-party.  The wedding was…..spectacular.  No other word could describe how amazing this wedding was.  Phil played ball with the groom when we were in college and we were delighted to support him on the most special day of his life.  Every single detail had be thought of and was fabulous. 
Gorgeous center piecesDSC05912
One of the many ice sculpture bars with the bride and grooms logo.DSC05913
This was the dance floor—notice the logo in lights on the floor.  So pretty!DSC05916
We hadn’t seen most of the guests, our friends from college and guys from Phil’s bball team, since we graduated and got married.  It’s been years!  It was so much fun catching-up with them.  It’s amazing how everything was so “college” (that’s what we call it at RMC); so much has changed, yet so much was still exactly the same.  It was one of the best weddings/receptions/after-parties I have ever attended.  I think we got back to Phil’s brother’s house around 5am, and we were back on the road for our next stop at 5:45am (see, I told you this was an action-packed, college-style weekend hahaha)

On Sunday our next stop was Baltimore.  I got to visit with my bestie Katie (my bridesmaid from my wedding and my best friend in the entire world).  Phil met up with his friend (another baller) and went to the first NFL game of the season, the Steelers vs the Ravens (we seriously got our booties handed to us on a platter; it was horrible!).    We all met up for dinner and then we crashed for a few hours.
Me with Katie.  Being a Ravens fan, I’m surprised she agreed to take a picture with me in my jersey ;-)DSC05924b
  Phil said the best part of the game was before it started waaaa!DSC05932
On Monday we got up at 2am and drove to Washington DC to fly back to Houston.  We arrived back home we went to work, exhausted but glowing.  We had an amazing trip back home and seeing all of our family and friends. 
xoxo Darby


sherri lynn said...

That is an action-packed weekend!! I love that all of your blog posts were saved up from summer; I did that a few months ago for a short period of time and it was SO nice to have everything ready to go! I hope you can catch up on a life a little bit this week :)

henning love said...

wow wow that dance floor is something else! super swanky

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