Monday, September 5, 2011

Destruction Before Reconstruction: Bedding & Armoire

In July I opened the suggestion box for ideas on our master bedroom renovations.  (See our hot mess of a bedroom here).  It was the last room in our house to get renovated, and I seriously lacked direction.  Thankfully, I received a ton of help and encouragement from all of our wonderful followers and I appreciate it so much.  You all gave me a lot of direction and you will see many of your suggestions incorporated into the final product :-)

After getting all of your fabulous ideas, I made a thousand few to-do lists and worked my way through August.  The goal was to do as many DIY projects as I could and to get everything completed by August 22, when school started.  I am proud to say that I finished a week earlier than I anticipated and we’re in love with our new bedroom.

I decided (and double-checked with hubby of course) that I would go for a rustic romance/shabby chic/French countryside vibe.  (I feel extra “teachery” when I have to describe my bedroom with adjectives  like this lol).  As I said before, I wanted to make sure that our room was peaceful and light, so the colors I chose were light gray, cream, ivory, and white.  This month I will be revealing all of the projects that went into our new bedroom.  I hope you like them as much as we do!

Since almost everyone said to figure out the bedding situation, I realized that the bedding had been a reoccurring problem that needed to be fixed first before I dove into the rest of the room.  In the past, I had been getting bedding that I was satisfied with but nothing I really loved.  I needed to buckle down and get something I loved so that I didn’t have to keep doing this every few months.  Long-term this will be more cost efficient.  To jog your memory, here is before, boooooooooooo!DSC03457-2

Here is after, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!Bedroom Model-2(The above picture is not my actual bedroom, but it is a picture of the new coverlet and the cream/white model I was designing the room after; pictures to follow) 

Instead of buying a set where I was only satisfied with parts of it, I built my own set so that I made sure to love every piece:

Standard Shams: Vintage Chic Scallop Shams

European Shams: Palais Royale Hotel Collection

Sheets: Therapedic Always Fresh

Throw pillow 1: Madison Square Toss

Throw pillow 2: Lenox Neckroll Toss

Throw pillow 3: I already had

Bed Skirt: Smoothweave

Comforter: Damask Stripe White

Coverlet: Lenox

Ok, moving on, I had to dig pretty deep, but this is a photo of the armoire when we first moved in back in 2008.   I know you’re lovin’ my boom box ;-)28. Bedroom-2

I decided not to paint this piece of furniture but instead to just clear the “trendy” boom box off the top.  I did some shopping around our house and brought back an old milk bottle, medicine jar, picture of Phil and I, bird cage, bird candle, and some books. This look didn’t cost me anything, and it’s still a refreshing new look that matches my adjectives- I think ;-)DSC05820-2

After these first two projects were done, even though they were really small and easy, we could already start to feel the difference they made.  Phew!  We were on the right path! 

So what do you think?

Does it seem relaxing?

Can you see my adjectives reflected in these simple changes?

Stay tuned for more master bedroom projects!

xoxo Darby


Lindsey said...

Looks good.... :) The lenox you picked is actually the bedding that goes with my china.. haha .. my wedding china is opal innocence :).

Lindsay said...

I love the change! Your bedding looks really beautiful! Love the accents you added as well. Great job!

Joy said...

It looks like a room at the spa. I know y'all will have fun relaxing in the newly redecorated room!!!

Danie said...

I love "shopping" around my own house to create a look out of things I didn't even realize I had =)!

Unknown said...

Before I got the new computer, I couldn't see anything, but I'm so excited I finally got to check this out... I am LOVING it! I love the bird cage and bird theme and the coverlet (or light quilt of awesomeness) is gorgeous! I really, really want something like that - one that won't keep me too hot or let me get too cold and that's gorgeous! LOVE! : )

-Mel the Crafty Scientist

kebowman said...

oh my goodness! LOOOOVE the new look!!!

Cassie @ Live.Laugh.L0ve. said...

Wowwww! Beautiful! =D

Whitney said...

I love it! My husband, kids, and I are about to relocate and move in to my MIL's vacant (or almost vacant) house. She still has completely paneled walls, so I will be needing lots of inspiration to redo her house. I just CANNOT live with paneling.

Simply Camylla said...

OMG it looks great!! I love it!! You guys did a great job!!

Sam | Away She Went said...

I love the bedding choices! I can't wait to see the room all together! This was such a tease =)

Kelly M. said...

The top of the dresser looks great, I love the bird accents. I think you made the right choice not going with a bedding set. I find it always looked contrived and unnatural. Looking forward to seeing more. BTW- thanks for your kind words this am on my post.

The Sims II said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the bird cage!! but i must say it made me laugh out loud to see that old boom box!! We have a few of those around our house too...I cant believe how small music devices are now!

sherri lynn said...

I LOVE the changes! Both definitely reflect your adjectives :)

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