Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cooking for Tomlin….

…is soooo much easier than cooking for my husband.  It’s faster & cheaper too!

Not even kidding!  I found these amazing dog bone trays for $6.95 and have made 3 recipes for Tomlin.  They are soooo easy and she loves them.  The tray comes with a silicone insert and a spout so you can easily pour in the ingredients, freeze it, and then pop the bones right out.  Seriously, does it get easier than that?  I wonder what Phil would think if I started making his meals this way? hmmmmmm ;-)

Ok back to reality.  The first set of bones I made for Tomlin were chicken flavored.  I mixed a cup of water with a cup of fat-free, low-sodium chicken broth.  I poured the mixture into the little spout and froze it over night.DSC05867-2DSC05870DSC05871
The second recipe I made was with creamy (salt-free) peanut butter, greek yogurt, and about a teaspoon of honey.  I mixed all three together and spread a dollop into the silicon tray.  These are Tomlin’s favorite; she can finish an entire bone in less than 5 seconds (we’ve timed her).DSC05940DSC05942DSC05945DSC05948
The third type of bone that I made for Tomlin required a trip to the store.  So far with the other recipes I already had the ingredients on hand.  For this recipe I needed baby food and this was a first time shopping experience for me.  I was blown away with the variety of flavors but glad that there were so many options so that I could make sure to get something soft for Tomlin’s stomach (she’s a little sensitive in that department).  Not knowing what brands are the best, maybe y’all can give me some suggestions on that one for the future, I purchased several flavors of Beech Nut.  Thank you Jesus that the guy at the register didn’t ask me anything about my “baby”; otherwise I would have had to admit I’m one of those pet-crazy ladies who makes dog bones for her 4-legged child.  I mean I will admit it openly, but I don’t want my weekly cashier judging me for it lol.  Anyways, this time I mixed the baby food with the greek yogurt and peanut butter.  This was another cheap and easy hit! 
My sous chef :-)
When she hears the freezer open she’s at my side in an instant!DSC05944
You’ve got to order one for your pup; I promise they will love the taste, and you will love the ease of making them.

On a different note, remember when I shared some collars with you?  Well I finally decided on one and it arrived a couple weeks ago.  Look how precious Tomlin looks in her new jewelry :-) If you want to spoil you pup, check out Bow Wow Couture on Etsy!DSC06011-2DSC06013-2
Hope you’re having a great day!!!
xoxo Darby
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