Friday, July 15, 2011

Suggestion Box: Now Open



Surprise! I’m not really all together, I just have a façade to make me look like I’m put together.  Since moving into our home (almost 4 years ago!), I have renovated and updated everything in our house.  I’ve moved from room to room remodeling and altering things so they’re workin’ together just perfectly (at least I think so).  I have redone the kitchen, dining room, office, guest room, bathroom, and living room.  However, I have purposefully  skipped our bedroom over and over again.  Each summer I pick a room to tackle, and each year I avoided our bedroom. Why? Because I have NO idea what I want AND I’m scared that what I want is going to take a lot of effort (read: Darby is lazy).  I have looked through so many pictures and blogs and said things like, “Oh that is nice”, “I love her choice of pillows”, “that is a great wall color”……..Herein lies the problem:


So here I am, at the mercy of all you wonderful blogland decorators, begging asking for ideas.  I need you to help me narrow down what in the world I want, and suggest ways to get there without having to sell one of my kidneys.

To “help me, help you” (Thank you Jerry McGuire), I would say that my taste is sophisticated and traditional, yet livable and fresh.  I tend to like a lot of neutral colors and whites to make things bright (but not so bright that you need sunglasses).  I like peaceful vibes, but I don’t like nautical or palm trees.   I’m not interested in anything super girly; for some reason I don’t foresee a girly bedroom going over really well with my hubs ;-) I like most shabby chic and antique décor, and I’m not above DIY projects. 

Another decorating dilemma I have is that since the rest of my house is very neutral and tranquil (which I like), is that what I want to stick with?  Or is that too matchy-matchy?  Should I branch out to other ideas or just stick to what I know I love?

Ok so clearly I need some suggestions and ideas….Here is what I have now to help get your creative brain juices going.  I realize these pictures are bad, but they’re supposed to be bad; they’re before pictures!

Phil got me this painting several years ago and I wanted to use it as inspiration for the room…..We see how effective I was at that.  I still like the painting, but it clearly does not fit well in this room, or anywhere else in the house for that matter.DSC04890

No bedroom is complete without a change bucket, right?DSC04878

Palm tree lamps?! Like I said, I don’t like palm trees so I have no idea why we have TWO of these atrocious things.  Yuck x2!DSC04870

A Moroccan candle holder from our bedroom at our last home that matched our bedding and the layout of the room there.  DSC04871

These candle stick holders are also from our last place.  Though we have lived here for almost 4 years now, I still have not found the place where these are supposed to go, so they sit here.  They have black stands.  Maybe paint them white?DSC04872

The pattern of our bedding changes constantly so I don’t want to change the wall color (it’s an eggshell color now), but here is what I have on the bed right now….but be aware that this will change soon I’m sure.  Also we need a new headboard.  We gave ours away a few years ago to someone who wanted one, so now we need a new one.  Well we don’t “need” a headboard, but I think it gives the room a more finished look.  The headboard is a “want”.DSC03457I throw the “throw pillows” off the bed onto the floor in front of the window every night. I think I would like a bench that sits right under the window and opens up for the pillows to be stored inside.DSC04880

I would prefer not to buy new furniture but I’m open to changing this furniture with a different stain or paint.  I was thinking of white or gray paint and then distressing it.  Thoughts?


These are my jewelry boxes that sits in the corner not matching anything in the hodge-podge room.DSC04888

On the doorway into the bedroom I hunk some mistletoe last year for Christmas as a joke and it’s still there.  Please don’t tell me if this is tackier than leaving Christmas lights up outside year-round. lolDSC04883

This is my favorite part of our bedroom.  When we got back to the USA from our honeymoon, my new in-laws had our marriage certificate framed and waiting for us.  It was so special that they would do that for us, and we love having it hang in our bedroom as a reminder of the covenant we made to each other.  DSC04892

Though I am still in the brainstorming stage, I have thought and researched some sample master bedrooms that I like: 47481679_PBChvELV_c47482428_Kl39NdNt_c51239916_Q5vxgiNb_cIMG_2932


Would you say I have an interior decorators nightmare on my hands?! Absolutely!  This is where YOU come in.  I really do need a lot of help and suggestions! Please send me pictures, links, and plenty of ideas.  This is my summer project that I can no longer avoid!  Help me face this challenge head on!

xoxo Darby


Jessica said...

well one thing i think right away is that IF you are changing your bedding, find bedding you love first then go from there. that's how i did my room and it was the easiest way. i found bedding and throw pillows to match at marshalls. then all the colors i chose kind of came from colors in the bedding.

i would also say it looks like your furniture is a set, so i would consider painting them different colors. maybe paint the armoire and the dresser white, then paint the nightstands a color or vice versa. i just think if you're looking to get something not too "matchy" that will help a lot. and you could change the hardware on a piece or two and it would make them look less like a set (if you want. nothing wrong with a set!)

also, from your pictures it looks like you like the color blue. also, if you want to leave your walls the color they are, i would think about bringing in color on your headboard or hanging fabric and stuff around the room, but i am a color person! if you like it mostly white then that's your call : )

i will look for some pictures too if you want

Joy said...

Okay — I certainly wish we lived closer together. We would have the BEST time shopping for your bedroom decor! But, since I'm not in Texas, just in hot ole Mississippi, I'll do my best to help from here. The first thing I would do is get a bench for the end of the bed. Crazy as it sounds, that would be the PERFECT place to keep your pillows instead of on the floor. I'm a HUGE fan of DIY headboards (we are currently working on deciding what we are wanting exactly ourselves). Fabric headboard is what I'm wanting... in a tan"ish" color that matches our black out curtains. Pretty much all bedding will match the tan headboard.

As far as actual bedding, well — I'm in love with brown and blue. There are hundreds of different options in that color scheme.

As far as lamps, I'm loving the big, round shades with a funky bottom. Like this... Of course, if I had all the money in the world, I still wouldn't be able to afford Ballard Design, but I like to get ideas from them.

Good luck and I can't wait to see the after photos!!

Lindsey said...

We have a bench and use it for that purpose. I would definitely paint the furniture..paint one of the pieces different or stain it it does matchy match. We have all white bedding now.. I should send you a pic

Haylee said...

Sorry I can't be any help...I'm not creative like that in the least but I can't wait to see what you come up with!! The comments and pics you have all sound good to me! Good Luck!

Tonya @ Love of Family And Home said...

First of all, your inspiration rooms are GORGEOUS!! I would find bedding similar to those in your inspiration pictures & go from there!! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!

p.s. I LOVE those pallet headboards! Too cute!

sherri lynn said...

I'm not very good at this kind of thing, but just from reading your post a few suggestions: I saw someone mention above to pick out your bedding first and I totally agree. If you like neutrals, you could go with a bunch of neutrals but then have some fun accent colors to brighten up your space. I LOVE the idea of painting that piece of furniture white or grey and then distressing it - you could do the same to a headboard you find (or even find shutters or an old pallat to custom make into a headboard!). A bench under that window sounds really good - maybe with a cute ikat cushion that would go well with your bedding? And get rid of those lamps and find something you LOVE! :) Mainly have fun with the project; don't get stressed about when it's going to be done, and don't settle for something and buy it just because you want to have something. Wait for pieces that you're really happy with!

Morgan said...

I can relate! I find lots of decorative ideas and things that I love but I just can't commit to anything! (so my house continues to stay mostly un-decorated)

I was looking at your ideas on pinterest and I love the DIY headboards made out of a door plus a little moulding/trim. Rhett has lot of tools and wood-working skills so if you ever need anything cut or help with anything, just let us know. He loves doing stuff like that. Oh, and I love the white distressed/antiqued look and although I can't exactly envision it, I'm sure if you did grey it would look great too. (any neutral...maybe even a really pale distressed slate blue if you want some color in the furniture)

I also like the wrought iron bed and you could possibly find one on Craigslist and paint it if needed.

You could definitely re-vamp your existing furniture to save money! I personally don't mind "matchy matchy" but if you want variety, maybe do your headboard one way (like white/cream), the armoire to match the headboard, and then the night stands and dresser another way (grey or slate). Also, I'd change out the can take those off and fill in the holes w/wood putty before you refinish, and then just drill new holes for your new hardware (I think crystal knobs would look great!) They have a lot of knobs at Hobby Lobby.

I like the blue/white/cream color schemes you have in some of your pinterest ideas. You could get a white or cream comforter/duvet, bed skirt and shams and then throw some color in with your sheets and decorative pillows.

Well, that's all I can think of at the moment. Good luck! Can't wait to see what you decide to do!

Beth said...

I love the idea of antique doors/shutters/windowpanes for a headboard. And you could paint them/find colored ones if you wanted to add some color. Chic without being too feminine for the hubs. I've also seen some really good looking DIY fabric headboards that look simple enough to make. Whatever you go with, I'm sure it will look fabulous!

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