Monday, July 25, 2011

Picture Perfect Picnic: Finishing Touches

I hope that you have enjoyed the Picture Perfect Picnic series.  If you have missed any posts you can catch up here, here, and here.  Today is the last day of this series :-( and we need to wrap up our picnics with the finishing touches.

Considering how hot July is you will certainly need a cold and refreshing drink outside.  My votes are sweet tea or lemonade! Capture52959211_qGEQ4OaC_c

If you have time, you could put a square of chalkboard paint on each person’s glass and write their name on it.  52958110_DItIMIga_c

Whether you’re picnicing at a park where there will be picnic tables, or you will be picnicing in the grass, you will need a tablecloth or a blanket.  If you know how to sew, unlike me, you could probably make your own picnic blanket.62185329_Ak1mhKWi_c

Another really clever and cute way to decorate and cover your table is by sewing several bandanas together for a colorful table runner. To be honest, I like this idea enough to make one for eating outside, even when we aren’t going out for a picnic.  Cute idea for an outdoor summer dinner party, right?58083660_AHUMoJnm_c

If you make your blanket/tablecloth/table runner, I found this idea and thought it was spectacular: sew in pockets to slip weights (e.g. rocks) into the corners so that your tablecloth/blanket wont blow way in the wind.62185895_FJP6H367_c

For some picnic-friendly napkins you can wrap your napkins with bandanas for napkin rings, or simply wrap your utensils up in a bandana.58083595_tpYJFWSV_c62184280_Drp5hJz9_c

This is cute idea for a children’s picnic (or for the child-at-heart): instead of using a napkin ring, twist a candy necklace around your napkins.52258882_Lciejai1_c

I like the idea of putting each persons utensil and napkin in their cup54282698_HCo4e9ZZ_c

What’s a picnic without watermelon? No picnic at all!  But, a picnic with watermelon on a stick? That’s a real picnic :-) Slice up your watermelon and put on a popsicle stick for a sweet picnic snack.55867676_qO1jEcDt_c

And finally, some other things to bring on your picnic:

Bugspray- This is especially important if you’re near the woods or near water.  You don’t want to get chewed up.bugspray

Sunscreen- It can be really hot out there so make sure you protect your skin :-) sunscreen

Candles-  These could be used if your having a date with your sweetie, or simply citronella candles to help keep the bugs away.46938584_d7gEtOYB_c

Games- Before or after lunch you could play bocce ball, scrabble, mancala, frisbee, or checkers.  This is a simple canvas checker board with bottle caps as markers.  This would be really light weight on your trek out to the picnic site.62405841_gS5oGPhc_c

Here are a few items that I always seem to forget on our picnics (even though it seems like common sense to bring): paper towels, corkscrew, condiments, an extra empty bag for trash, and a lighter if you bring candles.

So now you should have your stylish picnic basket, a delicious lunch, a sweet and tempting treat, and all the finishing touches for a scrumptious and perfect picnic.  I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have and have been inspired for many summer picnics.  I can’t wait to hear all about your outdoor adventures this summer :-)

xoxo Darby


Delaney said...

Cute cute cute! Definitely need to use mason jars. =]

sherri lynn said...

These are such cute ideas! I love the idea of doing chalkboard paint on the mason jars for people to write their names. I'm always so paranoid someone is going to steal my un-marked cup! I've also been drinking tea out of mason jars lately and it makes me feel like I'm on a mini-picnic inside :) And have a little place to put weights in the picnic blanket is brilliant!! This would also be great at the beach when I put my blanket down to lay out. I've loved this picnic series! :)

The Single Nester said...

Definitely some bug spray with some DEET action for a picnic.

Sarah North said...

I've loved this series! Picnics are so fun and there is seriously nothing better than a glass of cold sweet tea! I love that checkerboard! So fun.

Jen said...

Love the idea of chalkboard on the Mason jars to write each guest's name on!

Callie said...

I LOVE these picnic ideas, especially the chalkboard paint on the glasses and the pockets in the tablecloth for weights!
Thanks for commenting on my blog - I'm enjoying reading yours! :-)

Unknown said...

Love the bandanas and the chalkboard paint on the mason jars? Genius! I really want to make some to just have around my apartment, haha! And I was just thinking about ways to save watermelon (because once you cut it open, you have to figure out how to save it if you can't eat it all, which is why I end up barely eating it because there isn't usually a way to get it eaten or saved), but what about if you froze the pieces/slices of it and had them on popsicle sticks so you had actual watermelon popsicles? Or watermelon ice cubes? You'd put a piece in your ice cube tray and then put it in your glass and as it melts, you get watermelon water or just yummy cold watermelon... mmmmm! : )

Jenny B. said...

Hi! I am your newest follower from the hop :o)
I absolutely love how bright and cheerful your blog is and your fur baby is adorable! I have two of them and yours actually looks similiar to one of mine :o)
I would love a follow back @

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