Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Seersucker

I can’t get enough of seersucker and I proudly blame it on my southern roots! 
In 1909 Joseph Haspel made the first seer sucker suit for men in New Orleans.  Haspel’s goal was to make a suit for gentlemen while still beating the summer heat. Today the company continues to thrive in New Orleans, but the style has spread all over the south to help both men and women stay cool.
How fun and refreshing does this ladies’ apparel look?58502122_KfVgvOGJ_c58506851_gvuYFbJD_c58507885_t169vBO3_c80791634_YOq5H3nf_c80792106_vDQusx7u_c
I didn’t forget the babies.  How precious?!80802501_syAQhYok_c58503169_CM8THHrs_c58505183_7ABSquJO_c58505720_XWSbEHk9_c80801429_Tr7KOMzQ_c80803088_Z56pM74e_c
As we all know, I’m in the process of renovating our master bedroom, and clearly I didn’t have to go too far to find a gorgeous summer seer sucker bed skirt and bedding!80791805_vRxMptCp_c80825807_jbHHEA09_c
Since seer sucker originated for the working gentleman of the south, I guess I should mention some of the male seer sucker accessories that I lovin’.
I know I’m not the only one out there completely smitten with seer sucker.  But maybe I’ve convinced a few more of you to dabble in a seer sucker wardrobe :-)
xoxo Darby


Delaney said...

Oooh Seer Sucker! I have a Seer Sucker & White Linen party to attend on Labor Day & need to find something to wear!
Sweet Tea Serendipity

Coastal Health and Home said...

Love it.

Especially for kids clothing.



Joy said...

Love it all... except the bow ties. LOL I told Terry if he ever thinks about wearing one, we will need to rethink our relationship. =)

The Single Nester said...

Seersucker really is the ultimate fabric for summer!

sherri lynn said...

I love seersucker! I always get excited when summer comes so I can bust it out! Caleb doesn't have any seersucker and as of now, won't wear it! This makes me sad haha

Unknown said...

So cute...But, for me its gingham.

Leslie *Fresh Out of Lemons* said...

My husband has a pair of seersucker dress pants that I love! So classic and Southern. :)

Royal Datamatics said...

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