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Marital Monday: Confessions of a Southern Socialite

Haven't you just loved all the love going on around here?!  I know that I have enjoyed all the stories that our guest posters have written.  To catch up click here, here, and here.  This week Joy from Confessions from a Southern Socialite will tickle your heart with the tale of her and Terry.  They are an adorable couple and you can see their love just radiate around them.  Joy is talented, hilarious, and amazing; I'm so blessed to have her as a friend.  I know that this story will bless you too :-)

As a little girl, you dream about your wedding day.  You imagine all the people there as you are about to walk down the isle and then you see yourself walking down the isle to a blur.  Why?  Because unless you are picturing Bradley Cooper or some other actor, you can't see who that person is that you are about to marry until you truly know.  Well, I can tell you that I have had that dream many times as a little girl, into my teens and then in my twenties.  Only a few years ago after dating Terry for a few months, I had that dream again, but I saw the man I was marrying and that man was him!  And that dream has repeated itself with the same "groom" two more times since the first time I saw it was him.

I knew I was in love with Terry four months after we began dating.  I even said it first not knowing if he would respond or not.  He did respond and the feeling was mutual.  We haven't been apart since.  He truly is my best friend and the one I turn to when I'm sad, happy, stressed and blessed.  I'll try not to get all sappy, but I have to say that since I met Terry a few years ago, life as I knew it changed for the "gooder".  I don't remember life before him and can't imagine my future without him. We bring out the best in each other and enjoy celebrating the love that we have together. He loves the messes I make when I cook and how I like to use every. single. dish in the cabinets when I do so. Can you sense the sarcasm? But, he does love everything I cook... everything except that dessert he politely asked me to throw away because I used brown sugar instead of regular sugar.  HA!

Maybe I should start with how we met...

Our first picture of 1,432,946 in over two years.  We look like babies!!  lol
On May 20th,  Terry and I celebrated our two year anniversary to our first date. 

I woke up on a humid Wednesday morning excited and nervous about the day. Why so nervous, and yet excited? Well, that evening at six o'clock, Terry would ring my doorbell to take me out on our first date.

We were set up through a mutual friend who said we would be perfect together. Considering saying no, she promised he wasn't "weird or a freak." I agreed to a date, but I told her I was old fashioned and if he wanted to go on a date, he had better make the first move. Later that day, he asked me to be his friend on facebook to get my number. A day later, we sent each other text messages during my cousins dance recital and after the recital that night on the way to their house, I heard his voice for the first time.

Two years ago, as the day dragged by so slowly — the time finally came for him to pull in my driveway. As soon as I heard his truck door shut, my heart stopped beating. And as the doorbell rang, it started again and was about to beat out of my chest. After changing clothes over and over again, I answered the door in jeans and a black and white top. As I slowly opened the door, there he was — standing there in jeans, a teal blue polo with horizontal stripes and a beautiful rose. However, I was fixated on his dimple, his incredible smile and his shy, yet adorable eyes. I honestly couldn't take my eyes off of him.

Like a gentleman, he opened the passenger door to his truck and helped me in to head to Crescent City Grill. We got there early and were one of few people already seated to eat. Of course after we ordered, he excused himself to the restroom to wash his hands — as he walked away, I figured he was leaving me. However, I was relieved when I saw him walking back to the table. After a wonderful meal and great conversations, it was time to head back to my house. Once back at the house, he walked me in and left a few minutes later. As we said our goodbyes, I had butterflies and I didn't want the night to end. He gave me a hug, lightly kissed me and walked back to his truck.

I secretly watched him leave from the guest room window. And immediately, I got on the phone with my friends who knew about the date to give them all the information. I wondered would I hear from him again? Did he enjoy the date as much as I did? Could this be the one?

My first and second question was answered about twenty five minutes later when he sent me a text message telling me he had made it home and how he enjoyed our date and looked forward to many more. And in the same text, he told me to sleep good and he would talk to me soon. The next morning on my way to work, I heard my phone ringing and answered to hear him tell me good morning. Since that day, if we aren't together, he calls to tell me good morning. There hasn't been a day in two years that I haven't heard good morning come from him.

The third question has also been answered. I know he is the one. He is my best friend. He is my soul mate. He is the one I call when I have good news or bad news. He is the one I want when I'm sick. He is the only one I ever want to wake up with. He is who I plan my life with. He is the one.  You see, when you know, you just know.  I can't really describe it.  But, I can tell you that something inside you changes.  You no longer want to call your family and friends and tell them about how bad or wonderful your day was, you no longer think about big decisions as a single person, you automatically put their feelings and thoughts before yours because you care about them more than yourself — that is how you know he is the one.

He hasn't proposed and there isn't a ring on my finger, but one day there will be.  And it will be the happiest day of my life.  When your little, you do dream of that wedding, but I now dream about our marriage.  The life we will begin as we are pronounced husband and wife and the future we will share from there on out.  After being together so long, I feel like we have already gotten over what most couples go through the first year of marriage.  Are we perfect?  Heck no!  Do we argue?  Absolutely!  But, after we disagree, there is always laughter and we don't go to bed mad.  

When the moment is right for him and us, a proposal and a wedding will take place.  (This will make our families SOOO happy!  haha)  Will it change us?  No, we will still be Terry and Joy, only sharing the same last name.  (I'm secretly thinking he will take mine.  HAHA!  Never in a million years I'm sure!
Thanks Joy for sharing your story!  Aren't they adorable!  Make sure you stop by Joy's blog and leave her some bloggy love!
xoxo Darby


sherri lynn said...

What a cute story of a first date! How fun will it be when there's finally a proposal and ring! :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

awesome story and your blog name is too cute!

Unknown said...

Awwww you two are gorgeously adorable!!! I found your blog through Simply Camylla.. a new follower :)

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