Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chairs of My Days: Desk Awards

Do you ever wonder what I do during the day? Where am I when we chat? I wonder the same thing! So I thought I'd take some pictures so that you could see where I am during the day. Attempting to make my life interesting, I thought I would give a superlative to every place I am. So here goes:

Most Boring Desk- Look how sterile this looks! I don't like this desk for one reason: the computer doesn't have the internet. I can’t live without the internet! When I’m here, I get a lot of my correspondence done on my phone. Thank goodness for smartphones! (Sidebar- I was sitting at this desk when I came up with the idea for this you get the idea of the level of boredom here.) While I don’t have the internet, I do have plenty of cabinet and desk space to sprawl out. Also this is a pretty comfortable chair. DSC04792

Most Productive Desk- No windows + no noises = complete productivity (which is obvious with the piles of paper. Yes, I have file cabinets in this office, but for some reason the pile system trumps). This is where I do a lot of my writing.DSC04834

Oldest Desk- What year would you guess this desk was made in? I would guess some time in the 70's? This chair is not the most comfortable, but it works. I will point out the post-its and coffee.....if you know me at all you know these are a daily must!


Most Peaceful Desk- This is my favorite desk, no boredom, no piles of paper, and just a few steps away from my groom. This is a very happy and inspiring desk.DSC04799

So now you know a little bit more about me and the places I jump around between during the day. Next time we’re talking it’s probable that I will be in one of these places. Hope you’re having a great week!

xoxo Darby


Unknown said...

WOW!! You are all over the place, aren't ya!??!

Joy said...

I'm not sure how you keep up! LOL And I LOVE the last desk.

Morgan said...

wow - I've never known anyone to have so many desks!

Lindsey said...

I will have to post about mine too so you will know where I am when we r chatting... Lol

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