Monday, June 7, 2010


Memorial day weekend Phil surprised me with a vacation. We were ready to get away for a few days & Austin was the perfect destination! We got a chance to tour the capital (something I have always wanted to do), see SITC2 (yes Phil sat through this at his own suggestion & didn’t complain once- that’s an awesome husband if you ask me!), go to a music festival, & visit the Sunset Capital of Texas- the Oasis. ( I loved the view at the Oasis; it felt like I was back in the Mediterranean. We had such a great vacation, neither of us wanted to come back to reality in Houston.
The Capital and a self-portrait of ourselves in the dome of the capital.
The view at the Oasis.
Despite my resistance, the calendar kept turning & summer school started for me last week. I have never taken a summer school class, let alone taught one & I can already see how fast the semester is going to go. Phil starts back this evening. Please pray for energy for both of us this month! Here is a picture of me at work from a couple weeks ago.
I have had a few inquiries for a chicken-kick update. Many of you have sent me chicken recipes to help entertain me, and for that, I thank you! I will be blogging about your recipes later this week. Last week, though, I made chicken stir-fry and Phil made a HUGE pot of chicken vegetable soup (and when I say “huge”, I promise I’m not exaggerating; 15-quarts of chicken soup for one person to eat is a lot! I’m so glad that he likes leftovers!) I also attempted a lemon-oregano chicken recipe by Martha Stewart with an avocado salad by Southern Living. Since we have been growing our own herbs, I have been trying to pick recipes that include those ingredients, but the lemon-oregano recipe was a 1-time recipe. We were not fans.
And last but certainly not least, Phil’s sister had her baby on Sunday! We’re so happy to welcome Elijah Anthony into our family! Congratulations Joni and Anthony!
xoxo Darby

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