Monday, June 28, 2010

Kellyn Visits Houston!

My sister came to visit us a couple weeks ago; it was so nice to see her again! I had been looking forward to her visit for 3 months! We did all the things I imagine that we would do on a weekend if we lived closer. We had a spa day, got pedicures, went shopping, and lounged by the pool. I was so sad for her to leave, but am now all the more excited for our next trip home to VA!
This is the strawberry-pineapple cake I made for Kellyn. She is known as “The Princess” in our family and every princess needs a pink cake!

Our nice new toes Before churchWe don’t look anything alike, but I can see why we are called twins so frequently. We have practically the same bathing suit and sunglasses! Thanks for visiting us Kellyn; we miss you already! xoxo

xoxo Darby

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