Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer Soup

“Potato soup is an unsung hero of the soup world; there is just nothing more belly-pleasing” ~Paula Deen

I know you must be thinking, what is the connection between the hearty & famous winter potato soup and the title of this post?! My good friend Paula (though, she doesn’t know we’re friends yet) has a tip for making this yummy soup in the summer…just add shrimp! I think that practically every dish can have a summer-time version when you add seafood. You can try this too, beginning with your own recipe of potato soup. Starting with a pound of fresh shrimp: cook ‘em, shell ‘em, cut ‘em & throw 'em in the potato soup about 10 minutes before serving. If the shrimp are in the soup longer than 10 minutes they will overcook. Also add to your soup: seasoned salt and a few shakes of tobasco (bring the bottle out to the table though, because some people might like to heat their bowls up a little bit more). When I served the soup, I topped it with the usual cheddar and bacon, but also a sprinkle of Old Bay. And wah-la, a summer-time version of potato soup!
xoxo Darby

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