Friday, May 17, 2013

Green Thumb-date

It’s about time right? Our seedlings hit the ground, literally, back in March (see here) and I want to show you how life in the garden has been.  The Mr. and I have had so much fun tending to our new yard and especially the gardens.  I knew when we bought this house we were in for some fun adventures and this has definitely been one of them.  We truly look forward to lawn work on the weekends: there is something about getting dirty and creating something with your hands that is so rewarding. We are loving it! Ok I’m going to stop being a sapling (Ha! Sorry, I’m done with the corny vegetation puns), and show you our progress.DSC_0889-3
When we first churned the garden and planted everything this is what it looked like:DSC_0011-2

With only 2 months time, this is what it now looks like:DSC_0929-2

Crazy, right? lol
Here are the plants that have taken off in the raised garden.DSC_0917-2DSC_0948-2
I have been using the herbs in all of my cooking and totally loved it!
When I prune the herbs I’ve started preserving them for the fall and Houston “winter”. 
It’s weird to start thinking about preserving the herbs when it’s only May, but I guess that is the reality of seasons, right?Collage 1
You may be wondering about the net in the back left corner.  Our neighbors warned us about the squirrels stealing fruit from their gardens, so we decided to build something to prevent them from getting our fruit while still allowing us to maintain the garden.  Individual cages seemed like too much work to get to each plant.  Instead we purchased some netting and poles and built a little house around the tomato plants using a staple gun to attach it to the fence.  We also put a door on it so that we could enter (well so I can go inside since the Mr. is too tall) to glean the fruit and maintain the garden. So far,
Hawley-1, squirrels- 0
Any bets on how long this will last?Collage 2
Just this week the jalapenos and cherry tomatoes have started coming in. 
We are looking forward to some homemade salsa!Collage 3Do see that spinach?!  This is the Mr.’s favorite plant right now.  I think it's really pretty lol
It’s about ready to be planted next to the lattice.
I can’t wait for a delicious spinach salad!DSC_0889-2The birds of paradise (left) have such a striking orange color.
For Easter we went away for the weekend (see here), but before we left we had several strawberries that were almost red.  But when we got back they were all gone :-( Since we still have yet to sample our strawberries we’re really hoping this next batch of blooms produces fruit (top right).   I love using fresh parsley (bottom right) in my cooking these days!
Collage 4
The apples (left) have gotten so large the that tree is starting to bend over, especially with all of the rain lately in Houston.  We’ve put up some cages for the branches to lean on.  The oranges (top right) and lemons (bottom right) are coming in, but very few have ripened yet.  I mentioned on Wednesday though how excited I am to start cooking with the lemons :-)Collage 5To be honest, I really didn’t think the black berries, blue berries, or grapes would work. I have been pleasantly surprised.  They’re growing, and now I’m wondering how they will taste when they ripen.Collage 6And of course, here are my gardening buddies,
both big and small :-)DSC_0936-2DSC_0942-2
Do you have a summer garden growing this year?
What have you been growing?
Hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!
xoxo Darby


Erin Reissig said...

My parents just did this and put in a whole bunch of things. Asparagus is what they are most excited about. I'm excited that I get to have a small space in their garden. I'm going to slowly get use to the idea and plant my own once we get a house. Very cool. how are the Chickens? Or did that not happen?

Meg O. said...

WOW! Your garden is seriously amazing!!!!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Fabulous! I have my herbs in pots and am considering tomatoes this year. I didn't have any luck last year.

Meg Cady said...

WOAHHH look at you and your green thumb! I bought a basil plant last night I love love love me some fresh herbs!!!

Domesticable said...

Dude! I'm so jealous! Our garden isn't existent at the moment. Yours looks great! I want a fruit tree!


Jessica K said...

Wow! You are an amazing gardener! I can't keep anything alive. How many squirrels do you see around? We have way too many. I think I would need a greenhouse to keep them out! :) PS - Can't wait to see a homemade salsa recipe!

Ari @ The Pace of it All said...

Wow, your garden is fabulous - you have so many things growing! That's so cool that you can just grab stuff from your garden and cook with it - I know that's how it works but still lol.

Jessica Reyna Brogan said...

I'm totally putting in a fruit/vegetable garden next year despite the fact that I am comically bad at gardening. I figure I have about a year to learn all about it...

Laura Darling said...

Your garden looks fantastic! I rent an apartment now so I can't plant a huge garden, but I can't wait until i have a yard and can do it!

Courtney B said...

My hubs and I always talk about how excited we will be to plant a garden when we buy a home! I can't wait to make fresh salsa and so much more from our garden!
Yours looks so amazing!

Sarah said...

Look at you Martha Stewart!! I am so impressed and jealous!! I've been planting flowers and some herbs but I'm not quite sure I have a green thumb, but I'm trying!! This is awesome and I love that you have so many fruits and veggies!

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