Monday, March 11, 2013

A Morning Message

Doesn’t everyone like to wake up to a sweet word or two? I know that I do.
Remember how my sweet coworker gave me this awesome spork? Well it was her birthday recently and I knew that I had to get her something awesome.  We get coffee together on the reg (slang for “regularly” that my students taught me.  They keep me in-the-know), and she is a HUGE coffee connoisseur.  So I decided to make her some coffee mugs for her lattes in the morning.  I’ve seen several versions of this tutorial floating through Pinterest so I thought I would try my hand at it.

I purchased 4 mugs (two for me and two for my sweet friend) each for $1.50 at Walmart…or as I like to call it, Wally World. 

After cleaning & drying the mugs I taped off the top of the mug with painters tape, but masking tape would work fine too. I painted the first layer of chalkboard paint around the base of the mug and the bottom half of the handle.  I let it dry for an hour and painted a second coat.
Collage 1Collage 2

Then I let the mugs dry completely for 24 hours.  I put them upside down on a baking sheet and put them in a preheated 300 degree oven for 35 minutes.  

Once the mugs cooled off, I colored all over them with chalk and then erased it to prep the mugs for their messages. 

I wrapped them in a brown paper bag with shredded cardboard and threw in a Starbucks gift card.
Collage 3
This was such an affordable and fun gift, and I’m pretty sure she liked it a lot.  The set I made for us has been used a lot, for both tea and coffee.  It’s such a fun way to leave messages for each other :-)

These mugs are microwave safe.  I have only hand-washed my mugs so I’m not sure how they would do in the dishwasher; I just don’t want to take the chance on mine.
Collage 4Collage 5

Family & friends, I’m almost 100% positive that you will be getting something verrrrrrrryyyyy similar to this for Christmas ;-)
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xoxo Darby


Joy said...

A-dorable!!! And you know how much I love stuff that has Mr & Mrs on them! =) Happy Monday Darbs!

Unknown said...

Those are amazing! Will have to try it.

Domesticable said...

These are so cute!!! Next time I'm over I will drink out of one! wAHAHA


applesandglue said...

How cute! Altho that requires a lot of patience - waiting 24 hours for it to dry? I would've totally mucked it up lol!

Kellyn Fleming said...

I think this is a super cute idea!!! I want one! haha The next time one of my barista friends has a birthday I think I know what they will be getting from me!

Jess said...

Cutest idea ever! There are so many awesome blackboard ideas out there. Someday when I have kids, maybe i`ll do that one where you paint a wall in their room in blackboard paint, and let them write & draw all over it whenever they want :)

Some Snapshots Blog

Whitney said...

These are so cute! You're seriously so crafty. I cannot get over it!

Jessica K said...

What a great idea! Super cute!

Jenna said...

Too cute! Love em!

Jenna @

Anonymous said...

What a perfect gift! I love that you found you found cute mugs frugally and that you also opted to buy a set for yourself! I'd probably do the same. The Starbucks gift card makes for a wonderful little treat, too!

Moni - Zuhaus at Home said...

Cute Idea...message mugs! So sweet! You are so creative!

sherri lynn said...

These are so cute! And they are a perfect gift!!

Jennifer Leible said...

Agh! These are sooooo cute! I want to make some!!

Mimi said...

These are adorable! I NEED to make these!

Unknown said...

Darby, I love your mugs!

Debra said...

What a great gift idea. They turned out really cute.

Stampin' VMG206 said...

So loving these! Dh-ar-ling! Pinning.
I visiting from Liz Marie’s Linky. I hope you can stop by my blog and leave a comment and Link Up!
~ Megin of VMG206

Sara said...

Love this idea! Very cute! I didn't know you could buy chalkboard paint in such a small container.

Huckleberry Love said...

What a great gift idea! You are too clever, Darby. :)
Thanks for stopping by and linking up with Much Ado About Monday. We really appreciate it! Stop on by next Monday with more of your great ideas! Have a great weekend. :)

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