Monday, May 7, 2012

Are you a vlogger?!

Guess what friends?! Remember when I posted my first vlog? Well I’ve got to confess that I’ve got the vlogging bug.  My good friend Crystal from Homemaker In Heels and I are starting a vlogging link-up party and we want to invite YOU to come along the vlogging journey with us :-) Crystal and I have prepared some awesome prompts for you and we can’t wait to mingle with you in vlog world. Wahooo!!!!

Next Monday (May 14th) we will have a vlog link-up party.  We will give you the prompts today (below) so that you have a week to make your vlog and then link up with us next Monday.  Of course with any linky party there will be some guidelines but I think you will enjoy and agree with them.
Vlogging Guidelines
  • You must be a follower of Homemaker in Heels and Life with the Hawley.
  • Answer at least one of the vlog prompts below with a maximum of 5 minutes.
  • Link up to your vlog post, not your main URL.
  • Post our Vlogging button on your post (below)
  • Mingle with the other vloggers and leave comments on their posts.

Prompt Ideas
Why did you start blogging?
What is your favorite & least favorite part about blogging?  
An accent vlog like I did, or like Crystal did.
What is your ideal vacation?
What item can absolutely not live without?
What is on your summer reading list?
What would your ideal date night be like?
What is your favorite memory?
What is/are your pet peeves?
Who is your blogging idol?
What is your greatest fear?

Both Crystal and I are new to vlogging, so if you are new to vlogging also don’t let that deter you from participating.  We are greatly looking forward to meeting you and watching your vlogs :-) WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!!!

Happy vlogging we can’t wait to see what you’ve got to share next Monday!

xoxo Darby


Lindsay said...

OH, this is so exciting! I have never done a vlog before! Congrats on the new series!

Unknown said...

Haha! This is so funny because I just scheduled a vlog prep post for tomorrow. I'm def linking up next week!

Joy said...

OHHHHHH boy!!!

Meg O. said...

How fun!!!

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