Friday, March 23, 2012

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Morning Friends!  The dissertationing is going well.  My paper is due to my committee today, so I’m getting closer and closer to being finished! Wahooo!!!!  Please say a prayer for me today if you get a chance.
Today, my friend Sarah is visiting and I absolutely love her and her adorable pup, Floyd.  I think you’re really going to love Sarah's meal planning tips for you:-)
Hi there Life with the Hawley readers!
My name is Sarah and I blog over at Total Basset Case
At my blog I write about my life with our silly basset hound, Floyd, weekly outfit posts, recipes, DIY and meal planning!

In the past year I have really come to love (and depend on) meal planning.
Well, to be fair, I love planning in general and I love to cook so meal planning
was a natural progression for me.
My love for meal planning first started when I discovered This Week For Dinner.
I started reading TWFD and planned one week of meals and I was immediately hooked.
It was quickly evident to me how easy meal planning could make my life.

For me the benefits of meal planning are:
  • Quicker and cheaper trips to the grocery:I know exactly what I need to buy
  • Ease of mind after work knowing what is for dinner: We don't waste time trying to determine what we want for dinner, we already know!
  • Dinner on the table quicker at night: Because I know what we are having each night, I can prepare some items the night before
  • Healthier meals: Since our meals are already planned and purchased, we are less likely to go out to eat
Each Sunday I sit down with my computer, cookbooks and my calendar.
I pencil in what we have going on for the week and plan our meals from there.
I try to add at least 1 crock pot meal a week.
I also make it a point to choose meals that will produce enough for leftovers.
From there I just start choosing things that look good or that I have been wanting to try.

For examples of my meal plans check them out here

Meal planning allows me to try a large variety of different recipes and become very creative in the kitchen.
There are SO many recipes in the world I want to try and meal planning allows me to (attempt) to fit all of those in. 
You can see from my 'Food' Pinterest board here that I have a small obsession with food.

Meal planning has really made a difference in our lives- I know that is a bold statement but it really has!

If you don't currently meal plan I say give it a try, even just for one week and see what you think! 

Thank you for having me, Darby!
Best of luck to you finishing up your schoolin'!
I’m sure you can see why I love Sarah; at least one of the many reasons why I love her!  Don’t you love this meal planning idea? It’s healthier, cheaper, and stress free!  What more could you possibly want?! Stop by Sarah’s blog to leave her some love and meet her precious Floyd!
xoxo Darby


Lindsay said...

OH, I love a good meal planning schedule! Sounds really achievable as well! Thanks for sharing this!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

im in awe of ladies that plan cool!

Joy said...

Okay, I'm gonna have to check out all of this stuff. We use to meal plan for the week until November... maybe once we get settled I can start this again! =)

Danie said...

I am an avid meal planner myself! It makes life so much easier :).

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for having me Darby! So glad you are so close to be done!!

sherri lynn said...

Meal planning is such a time saver! I love knowing what I'm going to be making each night for dinner. I haven't been using my crock pot much lately but I need to use it more!

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