Monday, March 26, 2012

MIA- Portugal Ponderings

Happy Monday!  Today Lindsey from Portugal Ponderings is visiting and sharing a super creative craft with you.  I think you’re going to love it :-)
Portugal Ponderings
Hi all “Life with the Hawleys” readers, I am so excited to be guest blogging here today.  I have a really simple project for you. First let me ask, do you have any unwanted d├ęcor items in your house? Or maybe, you have some household items that were “gifts”, and they don’t fit your taste or home’s color scheme? I know that I have an abundance of such gifts (mostly from my in-laws). I know they mean well, but they send me items that I don’t exactly like.  This figurine, for instance, was a gift from them. Although I was a dancer with a professional ballet school for years, this was not my style. I had made the very bad mistake of mentioning to them that I was looking for a bronze-style ballet statue for a nook in my home. This resin figure arrived weeks later.
Here are some of the problems it has: 1) it is WAY too small (it needs about 1-2 more feet in height to fit nicely in my nook), 2) it isn’t bronze-colored, it is actually painted with weird colors (for example, her hair is gold), and 3) it is a figurine not a statue.  Now, I would have just chucked the poor little figurine (or donated her to Goodwill) if she had bad turn-out (ballet term). I cannot tolerate ballet statues where the feet and leg positions are not aligned in a way that indicates proper technique.  Let me give you an example, here is a ballet dancer with great feet, and here is a statue with AWFUL technique. Basically her legs are not turned out. I could never have this statue in my house. The great thing about my resin figurine is that, as you can see, she is just putting on her pointe shoes. Therefore, I don’t have to worry about her feet looking perfect (yes I know... I am neurotic about this stuff).
Anyway, I decided to paint her. I figured if it didn’t turn out well… then nothing was really lost, other than my time and a can of spray paint.   I took her out to my garage, and put her on a Whole Foods bag, to protect my garage floor. I bought two different items at Home Depot: a can of white spray primer (good on plastic, metal etc), and then a can of spray paint+primer in satin white. I know it sounds like overkill to use a primer and a paint+primer. However, I have used the paint+primer before and I wasn’t impressed with its “sticking” ability.
First, I coated her with one light coat of the white primer. Although, you are supposed to use two coats of the primer, I opted for only one coat since I was going to be painting with the paint+primer.
She is starting to look better already!!
I let her dry for an hour, and then went back to paint (maybe I should have waited longer, but I was impatient). Then I painted, and painted, and painted….
Every hour, I painted another coat. It took a long time because she had so many intricate details. There were definitely moments where I didn’t follow the 12-14 inches rule for spray painting. For example, there was this area under her leg, where the paint was not reaching, even after I turned her upside down and on her side!!  So, I just stuck the spray paint nozzle there and sprayed… Luckily it didn’t glob up on me and start dripping *whew*. After all of the spraying, this was my final result.
Of course I could be neurotic and go back with a small paint brush to get any small areas that may have been missed, but I think it looks pretty darn good. My uncle was actually over at my house for dinner when I brought it in from the garage (after it had dried for 24 hours) and he definitely thought it was ceramic/porcelain. So, I think it was a success! The statute now fits better with my house decor. It has no ugly colors, or gold hair. It also doesn’t look like it is made of resin. I am very happy with the turn out.
So, there you have it. Do you have any items in your home that could use a color change? Did you receive a figurine that was just not the right color scheme? Grab some spray paint and transform it!
Thank you Lindsey for sharing this creative transformation with us!! 


Lindsay said...

What a gorgeous way to change up something in your home. Such a pretty piece!

Joy said...

I love blog posts like this... but then I try to find something in the house I want to change up for DIY. =)

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