Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Christmas Cookie Sprinkles {FREE Printable}

I have not posted on a Tuesday in a long time, but I didn't get around to writing about this over the weekend & I wanted to get this out as soon as I got a chance.  Sooo that means a Tuesday post for you ;-)  Tis the season for Christmas cookies, and this activity is such a fun way to practice various objectives without a single calorie!
I am a big fan of having one activity that can be used to teach multiple objectives. It’s a big perk, if that activity will grow with my child & I can use it at multiple stages of cognitive development. And if it is seasonally exciting, well then I. Am. Sold. This is one of those activities, and I have it for you today FREE!  Let me share with you all of the ways we use this in our home.
First get the FREE download, print, & laminate (or put into a page protector). We like to use Christmas colored pipe cleaners that are cut into “sprinkles” but you could also cut up pieces of straws for the same effect.

Roll. Use foam dice to roll a number in the top 2 boxes. If your child is not counting above 6 yet, you can use a single dice.
Add. Ask your child to count up the dots, or to add them together for a sum. If you’re past addition, try subtraction. Comparisons also work great here (write greater than or less than on the sheet, or “write the number of the dice with more dots”).
Write. Your child could write the sum as a digit or a word, both numbers presented on each dice, or trace the digit or word. We use dry erase markers since they erase well on the laminated material.
Count. Using manipulatives, get your child to count out the number that was presented on the dice.
Fun. Enjoy!!!!
If you think that your little one would enjoy learning with this, get your copy here for FREE!
xoxo Darby

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