Wednesday, October 17, 2018

First Tea Party

20180901_141853I wanted to make Ellis' first tea party something that was very special and memorable.  I also wanted to make it something that we attempt to do in an annual fashion, like an "end of the summer tea".  Ellis and I have tea time every afternoon while we read books, but I wanted to take it up a notched and I thought she could handle it at her age (2.5 years old).  I shared the idea with her and she was excited!  Ellis invited her very special Aunt Grace, who is basically mama #2 for her.  I want Ellis to always be surrounded by wise godly women while she is growing up, so that if there is ever a moment when she can't share something with me, she has a safe alternative.  We can't have these special moments, like first tea parties, without all of the most important players.  Of course I wanted to make this a special day for Ellis, but also for the godly influences in her life, as they develop those special bonds. 
So the date was set. The invitations were sent.  She picked out her dress (and mine) and selected a new pair of shoes.  She brought one of my dress-up purses from when I was a little girl, and wore a new floral bow.  I bought her a new tea cup to commemorate the day, and gave her her first wrist corsage. 
We had 3 different kinds of tea, 3 different tea sandwiches, and 3 different sweet treats.  She is still talking about our tea party date, and we are both already excited about our next tea party.DSC_0279DSC_0287DSC_0299DSC_031920180901_142033
xoxo Darby

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Nadine said...

This might be the most precious thing I ever did see!!!!! What a special annual event to look forward to every year.

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