Friday, December 2, 2016

Thanksgiving Recap

Our Thanksgiving this year was one for the books (or blog?).  I knew that we were headed out to the ranch on Wednesday, so I cooked Thanksgiving the weekend before and packed it with us in disposable pans so all that we needed to do was reheat everything.  The only thing I didn’t pre-cook was the chicken (we didn’t feel like having turkey so we did chicken instead hehe).  My thinking was to make the weekend as relaxing as possible and what’s more relaxing than Thanksgiving leftovers?!?!  I packed some school work and art for Dutch, his fishing pole and a few toys for Ellis and we were off.  The majority of the weekend the boys spent fishing. I kid you not, they were fishing by 7:30am, came in for breakfast, went back out to fish, came in for lunch, and then went back out until it was dark………every. single. day.  They had so much fun!  They caught fish, threw them back, and then caught some more.  Lady Ellis and I were outside some too watching the boys.  I caught several fish but nothing to make a fuss over.  We had s'mores by the fire, rode the ATV, stuffed our face, watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade and dog show, and just had a blast.  The best part, besides just having down time with the family of course, was that we don’t have cell reception there.  So the phones and computers are OFF.  It is amazing to leave that distraction behind and really relax.  On the way back into the city we stopped and got our Christmas tree so that we could start decorating for Christmas.  Those pictures I’ll share with you on Monday ;-)Thanksgiving is quickly becoming my favorite holiday when we can celebrate it like this!DSC_0554DSC_0650DSC_0653DSC_0660DSC_0661DSC_0439DSC_0486DSC_0497DSC_0499DSC_0516DSC_0519DSC_0523DSC_0537DSC_0552DSC_0561DSC_0569DSC_0575DSC_0577DSC_0578DSC_0597DSC_0616DSC_0623DSC_0625DSC_0664DSC_0688DSC_0665DSC_0677DSC_0679DSC_0703DSC_0743DSC_0753
xoxo Darby

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