Friday, February 6, 2015

Tummy Time Artwork

Covering my fridge with art from my little Picasso is my favorite these days.  Dutch and I love to have art time together.  Back in December I posted a picture of some artwork that Dutch was working on for Christmas gifts.  Dutch has always had a fairly strong neck and never really minded “tummy time” but this was a way to have a little bit more fun with the activity.  On this particular day, Dutch had a friend over to play (aka- Mama had a good friend over for chatting, coffee, art, and babies), and I thought this project would be fun for him and his precious friend.Tummy Time Artwork
I put some paint on a sheet of paper and placed it securely in a ziplock back and taped the bag to the floor. (You always want to be as safe as you can with plastic and babies- so obviously make sure you’re paying attention).  Make sure that you use light paint so that if it globs up on the page that it doesn’t bust a hole right through the paper- this has happened a few times to us.Tummy Time Art-2
Then I let the kiddos go to town moving the paint around.  Dutch is always so fascinated with mixing the colors around. When we’re done I take the paper out and let it dry.
This is a fun and mess free art project.  Tummy Time Art-1
Happy Friday friends!
xoxo Darby


Meg O. said...

Oh this is so precious! Love this idea!

Kellyn Fleming said...

Well where are the finished projects!? That's what we want to see! Looks like he was having some fun.

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