Wednesday, January 7, 2015

What I'm NOT Lovin' Wednesday: Baby Age Emails

When I was pregnant I signed up with, Baby Center, & several other baby websites and apps. 
I absolutely loved getting emails from them each week telling me how old my little boy was and what gestational week we were speeding through.  As soon as they hit my inbox I pounced on those emails like a moth to a light bulb.
The fruit-size baby comparison was so much fun.  The Mr and I had so much fun talking about our poppy seed or baby green olive, or jicama (which I'm still not sure what that is).
I loved being reminded of all of the developmental milestones Dutch was hitting as he grew in my ever-expanding belly.
I even loved what each app or email told me about what changes I was experiencing either physically or mentally.
Then Dutch was born.
Those same emails still come to my inbox every week.  But instead of telling me how old Dutch is inside my belly, they tell me how old he is outside of my belly.
I hate this.
No, I loathe this!
I hate that he is growing so fast.
I hate that those emails are counting how fast each week is wizzing by before I even realize that the week is over.
I hate how those emails are counting life away.
I hate that those emails are reminding me that my life is flying by and I'm barely holding on.
I hate that I don't have a chance to embrace each stage before it is over and gone forever.
Yes I'm fully aware that time speeds up once you pass the age of 25, get, married and have children. 
I hate how unfair it seems.
I want time to slow down and I don't wish any day away.
I now refuse to read those counting age emails; I immediately delete them before I even read the subject line because they tick me off. 
I just can't read them.  I'm not at place where I'm ready for the next stage.
Dutch will age and grow and develop, and I don't need a reminder that it is happening.  When I was pregnant of course I wanted him to "bake" as long as possible, but now I want him to slow down lol (gosh I'm so demanding sometimes).
I still want him to grow and love life, but I still want time to slow down.
I know time will fly by, and before I know it Dutch will be going off to kindergarten, embarrassed by  my public kisses, go through puberty and eat me out of house and home, go off to college, get married, and have his own family.  I am fully aware that this is going to happen in the blink of an eye.
But for now, I don't need those reminders anymore of how quickly my baby boy is growing.
I hate those emails and app notifications, and I will continue to delete them without reading.
Friends, I hope you're with me and embracing and loving every day.  Don't wish them away because they will end on their own.
xoxo Darby


Brooke @ Pieces of the Reese Life said...

Gosh I do the same! It's heartbreaking how fast time flys.

Breanna said...

I can totally relate to this, and agree 100%! I always erase them as well, because it's a painful reminder of just how fast this is going! I can't believe our oldest baby is 2 already. I feel like he was just born yesterday. The days are long, but the years are short. I always try and remember that! <3

StephTheBookworm said...

I'm the same way with those weekly pregnancy updates I get in my email... I read them immediately. It definitely will be sad to watch Caleb grow up so fast though, and Jerry and I already talk about him being a teenager, talking back to us, getting married, etc. Ugh, time flies!

Jessica K said...

I dislike them, but mainly because I would feel inadequate if Addie wasn't where they thought she should be. Or if I wasn't doing what they thought I should be. Made me more concerned with things, instead of just enjoying her at that particular stage! I don't want to compare her to the rest of kid population. Sh e is her own person, and is doing amazing. I want to enjoy it, as school starts next year and my life as mom will be changed!!

PS - Truly, you blink your eyes and they are in school.

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