Friday, November 7, 2014

Stay This Simple

My sweet boy, right now you are sitting in my lap, and it is one of the sweetest and most adored activities we have shared since you came into my world.
You are growing up way faster than I am comfortable with.
Your age causes me to be in a continual state of denial.
I’m trying my best to embrace every coo, grab for mama, smile, and snuggle we share because I know they wont last forever. 
I’m trying to store up all of your sweetness in my heart because my love for you is insatiable.  I can’t have enough of you.
You see my love, I want you to grow up.  I want your life to be filled with more laughter than you can count.  I want you to go experience things I will never have the opportunity to have.  I want you to flourish, learn and love.
But, in order to doso, you have to grow up.
Of course I will love all of the stages to come, but I will miss the you I have right now.
So I pray baby boy that you always remain my baby boy in your heart.  That you always trust me to love you unconditionally, to feel safe in my arms, to blow me kisses, to send me the biggest grins imaginable, to always dance around the house, to always look forward to the next day, to always sing songs really loudly, to giggle at life, and to always have a love for others.
I pray that your life will be filled with the simplicity of love….the simple love that only a child understands.
Please try to never grow up and stay this simple
My heart explodes with love for you,

Thank you M.A. for sending me this & helping me put into words what I’m feeling these days.  You are ah-maz-ing!
xoxo Darby


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awww Darby...this is super sweet! Enjoy every single moment with Dutch...he is precious!

StephTheBookworm said...

Too, too sweet. Enjoy your baby boy. :)

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