Friday, October 3, 2014

*Fall Mug Swap*

'Tis the season for warm beverages, and who doesn't *love* a new mug?!?! I know I like to get a new one every season.  It makes my coffee taste better ;-)

Have you met my gorgeous & amazingly talented blogging bud Meg?
Meg and I are both new mamas (you've got to check out her gorgeous baby girls!), and we know the value of a good cup of Joe.  In celebration of the new fall season, and our devotion to caffeine, we're co-hosting a mug swap this month.


So here is the deal, everyone who signs up to participate (see below) will be given a partner that they will send a brand new mug.  Not only will you receive a new mug, but you also might meet a new BFF ;-)
Fun, right?

***Note, you do not have to have a blog to participate ***

How this works:

  • Sign up for the Mug Swap at the bottom of this post. The last day to enter will be Friday, October 10th. Help spread the word about the swap by tweeting this post.
  • When the signup is closed we will email you your partner's information. Contact/email your partner as soon as possible to "meet" them so you know how best to shop for them.
  • Have fun shopping for your new buddy, and mail your mug by Friday, October 24th. Make sure that you have packaged everything well so it doesn't break. When your gift arrives, notify your buddy so she isn't sitting around wondering if you received it or if it was snatched up by an elf at the post office. If you're one of the "I don't like the post office or mailing things" mindset, I suggest buying online and having it shipped directly to your buddy!
  • It is important to follow the rules if you sign up to participate. It would not be cool if someone sent you a gift and they didn't get one in return. If something comes up and you can't swap, please let me know so that we can reassign partners.
  • Once you get your awesome cool fall mug, post a picture of it on your social media channels, using the hashtag #mugswapfall14. Feel free to blog about it, as well (if applicable)! We want this to be easy, simple and stress-free, so have fun sharing and share how you'd like to.
  • This swap is limited to US residents only, sorry!

Sign up below and spread the word! You can also tweet about it and instagram the picture above! Might I suggest tweeting/instagramming the following message? "Join me in the #fall14mugswap hosted by @mo_meg and @darbyhawley! Details here:"

xoxo Darby


Jessica K said...

Super fun idea! All signed up. CANNOT WAIT!!

Meg O. said...

Thank you for organizing and having me host with you!! xoxo

Joy said...

I just signed up!! Whoop Whoop!!! Can since I don't like coffee, I think it will be the perfect hot chocolate mug!!

Whitney H said...

I signed up and I'm so excited!!

Unknown said...

Hi Darby,

Hope you are well? I hope I am not too late but I would really really like to sign up to do this mug swap! The only problem is that I am not from the US, I am all the way from Sunny South Africa Hope you can help a girl like me out....pretty please?!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Many thanks again.

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