Friday, December 20, 2013

Dear Santa, We Roof You!

Well folks, today I’m another year older.  Each year I always say the year went by fast, but seriously, didn’t this year go by fast?! I grew a lot this year, and I experienced a lot of lessons.  Not every lesson was fun, but I’m glad that I had each learning opportunity.  The Mr. and I had a really fun year: we kicked off the new year in our first house, struggled with infertility, got promotions at work, and found out we were expecting our first baby.  WOAH! Busy and fun year, but I have to say I’m really looking forward to this next year :-)  Today, I’m celebrating my birthday at sea…I’m stuffing my face and sleeping a lot….I promise you it’s the best way to spend my last birthday before baby :-)
Since I told you what we wanted from Santa on Wednesday, today I thought I would let the pups take over the blog and let you know what they have asked Santa for this year:Puppy Christmas List
Hello LWTH readers!  Mamma let us steal the blog today while she is relaxin’ in the sun, so we want to share with you some of the items on our Christmas wish list this year:

Bones-  We call these “chewies” around our house, but seriously, we can never have enough of these.  We always need more :-)  These keep us entertained for minutes at a time….sometime we get the feeling that mamma and daddy give us these so we will “behave” but we don’t care, as long as we have them.
Peanut butter- Mamma and daddy always laugh so hard when they watch us eat this.  We’re not sure what is so funny, but we think it tastes pretty good!
Tennis Balls-  We have no idea how to play tennis, but we don’t care.  We love when daddy gets home from work and immediately takes us outside to play fetch.  Next to nap time, this is our favorite time of the day.
Treats- Mamma keeps this jar on the kitchen counter filled with treats; this gift request is really for her, we don’t want the jar to run out. How terrible that would be and we don’t want mamma stressed!
Kong- Is there ever such thing as having too many kongs?! Especially the kongs with magical treats inside?! No way, we need more!!!!!
New shirts- With the pending arrival of our new little brother or sister we want to look fashionable when we finally get a chance to meet.
That list isn’t too bad right? I mean last year we asked for a backyard, and since we got it, we feel like this year our requests should be a little less expensive.  Hopefully Santa will get this post and be sure to stop by our house this year!  What are your four-legged family members asking Santa for this year?
xoxo Darby


ari @ whatarisaid said...

First of all, happy birthday lady!! I hope you have a wonderful day! And what an adorable idea for a blog post. I wonder what my cat would wish for...

Jessica K said...

Happy Birthday!!I know you are enjoying that cruise! :) Love the pup list - and I think it's awfully sweet of them not to want you to stress about an empty treat jar!

Lauren said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a lovely time away at sea!

Sam | Away She Went said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you are having fun at sea!

I think our dogs have the same Christmas list! :)

Rachelle @ Inner Loop Adventures said...

Happy Birthday!! You've had a year with emotions all across the spectrum! I'm glad it ended on a high note :) This is one of my favorite posts, of course you know that! I really hope the pups get those shirts and you post a picture of them on the blog, BTW.

Sarah said...

I hope your babies get everything on their list!!

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