Monday, June 17, 2013

Monster Weekend

You know those weekends that are so crazy that when it’s over you have no idea what you did? That is what kind of weekend we had.  I was trying to think about what I had for lunch yesterday and couldn’t even remember!  Well we had a monster weekend…and did everything possible I think lol

Friday night was the calm before the storm, and possibly where we stored up all our energy for the next two days.  We ate and watched Problem Child (a “classic” from the 90’s hehe) and passed out.  Our Friday nights used to be so much more exciting.  I think this is a sign that we are getting closer to 40. Womp womp!

Looking back, I’m not even sure where Saturday ended and Sunday began; it was a whirlwind.  This is what went down, we: went to HEB, Wal-Mart, Costco, Lowes (twice), cut the grass, made banana bread, finished sewing some bunting for a friend (tutorial to come), a 3 hour nature walk, laundered clothes & linens (and actually put them away.  This is the hardest part for me), finished our headboard, added on posts for the footboard, made shelves for a closet in the office, cut & painted a back to the desk, vacuumed, dishes (of course), cleaned all of the ceiling fans, cleaned all spider webs from the corners, packaged my dried herbs for the winter, learned how to drive the Mr.’s new truck, ironed, got more puppy food, gave the Mr. his father’s day gift from the puppies, bottled, dusted, replaced a shower curtain liner, watched Looper and Elf, buffed all the stainless steel appliances, and shined all of the granite.

Phew!  See what I mean?!  I don’t think my week will even be that productive lol

Well, since we were busy, I thought I would take some time time to answer some get to know you questions that my dear friend Joy tagged me in :-)  If you don’t know Joy you have to go get to know her; she’s super sweet!

1. Out of the 24 hours in a day, what is your favorite time on the clock and why? I don’t know what it is about even numbers, but I really like them lol  So anytime the clock has an even number I’m happy. 

2. What is your favorite magazine to get in the mail or buy in the store? I absolutely love my Food Network subscription.  My best friend from college, who was also in my wedding, got it for me one year for Christmas, and every year she renews it for me.  I love all of the recipes and kitchen tricks that I learn from it. 

3. Twitter or Facebook?  I think it depends for me; I think I have social media phases. lol Sometimes I prefer Facebook, and others I prefer Twitter.  For FB I think I participate less and follow more, where as it’s the opposite for Twitter.  I post more on Twitter but don’t follow as well.  I guess if I can’t be good at one I’ll half-it on two ;-)

4. What's your best memory of high school? In HS I really enjoyed the extra activities.  I was captain of the dance team (I was also captain of my college dance team) and I was in show choir.  I just loved to sing and dance, and have very fond memories from those times.  I occasionally pop in a VHS (yes, I still have these from those days) to watch old performances.

5. What's your go to website for shopping? Oh wow, definitely Amazon.  I love it!!!! I love getting used books from there!  I don’t think a week passes where I don’t purchase something from there. (I hope the Mr. isn't reading this lol)

6. A blogger who inspires you?  I know this is going to make me sound like a “brown noser” but I really am inspired by Joy.  She encourages me to be a better Christian, woman, wife, and blogger. 

7. Who is your celebrity crush? Ok I’ll be honest, this crush started for me back in ‘97 and it still exists.  I still think Leonardo DiCaprio is fabulous!  He is the total package: attractive & talented!

8. What's a book you'd recommend to read? Well I’m in the middle of a big stack of summer reading books, but of the two I’ve read most recently I would recommend Mrs. Perfect by Jane Porter.  It’s supposed to be a fun and easy read, but it really made me reflect on some of my perfectionist tendencies.  I wrote about it more here if you’re interested.

9. A favorite recipe you love to make? I love to cook everything, but I will narrow it down to 2 things (kind of).  I love to make mashed potatoes, because, duh, they’re delicious.  But I also love to make baked goods… I can lick the mixing beaters.  Yes, I still eat it super excited like a child.  No, I don’t care that it’s raw.  Don’t hate.

10. Your favorite app on your phone? Right now I think it’s My Fitness Pal.  I’ve been trying to lose the weight I gained in grad school, still!  This is helpful because I can count my calories….well actually it counts them for me.

11. You've got an afternoon kid free and job free, what would you do?  You know I probably wouldn’t do too much different, because I really enjoy my life.  I would probably hang around the house with my puppies and cook for my hubby when he gets home.  Call me simple, but I just really enjoy doing those things and find it relaxing.

12. The restaurant you always crave? Ha!  This is funny!  I couldn’t think of something that I crave, so I asked the Mr. and he said, “You never know what you want!” hahahaha ok since I never know what I want I will tell you some of my favorites: I love pizza, chips and salsa, burritos, French everything, chocolate, cheese, and carbs…….ok can you see why I have to have my favorite app in #10?!?!?!  I’m out of control lol
And because it’s a blogging sin to post without pictures, here are some pictures for you lol
Hope y’all have a great Monday!
xoxo Darby


Lauren said...

Wow, reading about your weekend was tiring! You need to pass some of your DIY mentality to my husband and me!

And Leo is definitely not a bad crush to have... great choice!

Joy said...

HAHAHA.... I love the photos! And man, you DID have a busy weekend. I'm needing a nap from reading it! =) Love the answers, and somehow (i'm not really sure how this is even possible) I didn't know you were in show choir?!! I knew about the dance stuff, but not the show choir. LOVE the answers! And LOVE you!!

Meg O. said...

DANG! You are superwoman!!! Come to my house and help me DIY and decorate or something??? Haha. Kidding.

Also, what's your name on MFP? I'm momomeg. Friend me!

Jessica K said...

I'm with Joy. Just reading exhausted me! I thought I was busy this weekend.... But your To-Do list has a lot of checks! Way to go!
PS - I had no idea about the dance. How cool! We have more in common than I thought!

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