Monday, April 22, 2013

How would you describe yourself?

Happy Monday my sweet friends!  I had a fun DIY post scheduled for today but I decided that could wait another day.  Something else is really more important that I want to chit chat with you about today.  I want you to get this week started with your best foot forward. 

You may have seen this floating around facebook lately, but as a scientist, I always love an experiment with a big impact. 
I love the “wow factor”.
This one packs a punch, and has the “wow factor”
Dove conducted a study on how we see ourselves.  Check out this video:
If you were asked to draw yourself, what would you look like?  How would you describe yourself?
Let me remind you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Way more beautiful than you think!
Friends, stop focusing on what you consider to be your flaws.
Whether you see it or not, everyone else sees your beauty.
Try to see yourself as everyone else does: beautiful.
Smile more, embrace your crows feet and the gray hair, and your laugh lines.
Be nice to yourself, and stop criticizing everything about how you look.
Lighten up on yourself.
Today my prayer for you friends is that you feel as beautiful as you really are.
Proverbs 31
xoxo Darby


Unknown said...

!! I almost wrote a post about this project too! I was so moved by the difference between the pictures and the women's response when they saw them. Women are not only critical of each other... But entirely too critical of themselves. Awesome post today.

~Christina~ said...

Wow, how inspiring. Yes, we are our worst critics. It is sad how often we compare ourselves to others, which in turn causes us to think less of ourselves. This experiment is a great way to encourage us to embrace the beauty that others see in us.

Unknown said...

I was mesmerized by this! I am going to find a time to show this too my class it has that much impact!!!

applesandglue said...

Love that video, it's so true that we see ourselves so differently than how we should. :)

Nice to see you this past weekend friend!

Jessica K said...

I hadn't seen that yet. Very powerful and sooooo true! Sometimes though we just need a little reminder! Happy Monday!

sherri lynn said...

This video is incredible! I hadn't seen it yet and really liked it. It's so true that most women (myself included) are much more critical and harsh on ourselves than others would be. Thanks for sharing this Darby!

PS How was the marriage conference this weekend??

Tami Rebekah said...

ahhhh thats too cute!! :) Happy Tuesday!

Courtney B said...

I saw this floating around FB but hadn't watched it.... so amazing!! It's so hard NOT to be my own worst critic, but I'm going to do my very best. Especially now that I have a daughter who will watch my every move and repeat what I say. I need to be better for her!

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