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Yay!  It’s Friday!  What better way to start the weekend than a fabulous post from H2O Threadworks?!?!?  Heather is a fabulous mommy and crafter.  Heather and I went to college together and were actually RA’s together. Ha!  I wont reveal our age, but that does seem like forever ago!  Recently Heather started her own business selling gorgeous handmade hats.  You’ve got to check them out here at her blog: H2O Threadworks.
H2O Threadworks
Wow!  It is so awesome to be writing this for you!  When Mrs. H first asked for guest bloggers as she completes her PhD in “ridiculous level of intelligence,” I humbly offered my fledgling blogging skills to her.  Darby’s blog has long been a source of inspiration to me, and as I began my own business just a few months ago, I referred to her experience for information and encouragement.  So mad sweet props to Darby!

It has taken me days to get this post written.  Not just because I wanted to wow you with my wit, intelligence, and craftiness, but because in between sentences I have to stop to dance with a three year-old in the kitchen, locate an 11 month-old who thinks he should run when he is only learning to walk and manages to get stuck in various inconvenient places, fix dinner for a full-time working and part-time schooling husband, and grab an occasional shower.  Then there are my other loves, my hats.  I crochet hats.  I can do blankets and booties (kind of), flowers, clips, headbands, dish cloths…I have even crocheted a crown, but my favorites are the hats, especially tiny ones.
There is something empowering about watching yarn turn into something precious.
Whenever I can find a few minutes, my hands are chomping at the bit to get to my H hook and yarn.  There are few tasks my hands complete quicker than working up a hat, but some other things that run a close second would have to include: pulling out the credit card, tickling my son, holding the spoon that has fresh butter cream icing on it, pushing my daughter on the swing, and clasping my husband’s hand in prayer. 
It is amazing how easily and efficiently my hands complete those enjoyable tasks.  When I get going, I can almost feel my hands take over and work without my brain telling them what comes next.  For the crafters, bakers, painters and artists in general, I am sure you know the feeling. 

But my hands don't work without my brain.  Now I'm no Biology major, but I am pretty sure I learned in elementary school that your limbs move because your brain signals them to.  But what signals the brain to tell the hands?

Call me silly, but I'd like to think something in my heart triggers the process.  My hands crochet because I love it.  I find joy, satisfaction, connection to something lost when I work.  I reach out to my children because my heart tells me to comfort them.  I seek out the tasks that need me and my hands, which explains why for the past three days, the same mess of dishes has been sitting on the counter.  The clean pile of laundry sits on the nursery floor where I put it who knows how many days ago.  My hands aren't rushing to grab the pen to write the check that pays the credit card bill the way they whipped out the card for the initial purchases.  No, my heart isn't quite as willing to tackle those things, which means my hands aren't doing their work.
Yes, this is my real kitchen. It really isn't that bad, I just don't WANT to do them!
In the book of Proverbs, chapter 31 verse 13 states: "She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands."  I find this verse encouraging when the not-so-fun work is calling my name.  Instead of leaving the dirty kitchen waiting for me, if I seek it out and conquer it with a more positive mindset, it gets clean much quicker.  My spending habit will only change if my feelings toward the "gotta have it" mentality change first.  My hands can't change and get busy if I'm not. They may do the work, but it is me who has to tell them.  After all, my hands are just an extension of my heart, and when the heart is willing, so are they. 
How inspiring?!?!?!  Heather is fabulously witty and charming!  Thank you so much for visiting today Heather!  Stop by Heather’s blog and check out some of her hats!  They’re adorable!  And don’t forget to leave her a comment that you stopped by :-)
Y’all have a great weekend!
xoxo Darby


Lindsay said...

What a great guest post! That little hat is absolutely adorable! And I LOVE that Heather kept it real & showed her dirty dishes--that's awesome. :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

We all have to have our skills..balance is the spice of life!!

Anonymous said...

You should've seen the kitchen two nights ago, it looked FAR worse than what I show here, hahahaha!

Thanks so much for letting me mosey on in and chat a while. Rock on with your smarty-pants self! :)

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