Tuesday, July 21, 2009

“Toobing” or “Tubing”?

Since moving to Texas, our friends have given us a list of things that we need to accomplish while living here. One item on the list was to “tube the Guadalupe River”. Last weekend we checked that item off! You may be asking yourself, “What on earth are they thinking? Camping in Texas, for a weekend, in over 100 degree weather?!” Yes, we asked ourselves that question as well…. we have no response.

On Friday we left work early to try and beat the traffic. It was about a 3-hour drive dominated by signs for Buc-ees. Every mile or so there was a billboard telling drivers that this was a necessary stop in every road trip. At first I was not interested…..but by the 20th or so billboard I was hooked. Since experiencing Buc-ees…..I can honestly say that it is a necessary road trip pit stop, they do have the best jerky in the world, and they have awesome fudge! After leaving Buc-ees, Phil’s mom called to let us know that she saw some game footage of Phil on Live! With Regis and Kelly that morning on TV. I’m married to a celebrity! Phil’s first thought was, “I wonder if Kelly thought I was hot?” hehe! When we arrived at Jerry’s Campgrounds on the river, we met up with 4 other couples from church. We all set-up camp, cooked some hotdogs over the fire, and roasted s’mores. Since there is still a burn-bann in effect in Texas, we had to get pretty creative with creating a fire.

On Saturday, we got up early and went on a walk to mentally prepare for our float. We packed lunches and caught the bus up the river to the drop-off point for floating. The float took 5 hours and we stopped midway for lunch. The float was so relaxing and fun! All I can say is thank goodness for SPF 50 in the Texas sun! When we arrived back at our campsite it was getting ready to thunderstorm so we got in the car and went to the town of Gruene (pronounced Green). We had a delicious dinner in Gruene and homemade ice cream for a post-dinner treat! Sunday we packed up the campsite and went to lunch at Rudy’s. After lunch everyone else went back to Houston and we ventured off to San Antonio. Sleeping under the stars and being with great friends, left us very happy and so glad that we got to experience the famous Guadalupe River Float; but it was off to San Antonio for us!

This was our second trip to San Antonio, but this time we stayed at the Historic Menger Hotel. We could see the Alamo from our hotel room. We slowly walked around doing a little shopping and ate snow cones. Our first trip to San Antonio we were told to go to Mi Tiera, but the line just to put our name on the waiting list was 3 hours long; needless to say we didn’t eat there. But this time we got our name on the list for dinner Sunday night! It was a delicious meal in a fun atmosphere, with a fabulous bakery! Monday we had breakfast in bed, went for a swim, and then decided that it was time to go home. However, I was not about to end the trip without another Buc-ees stop! This was our first trip with the new car and everything went great; thank goodness! All-in-all, it was a great weekend full of new adventures, relaxation, laughs, and good times.

Phil putting up the tent- See men do read the instructions :-)

The tent fully put together- notice that it is still day light

Me roasting my s'more

Phil and I by the camp fire

Floating down the river

Us in Gruene

The town of Gruene

The Historic Menger Hotel in San Antonio, TX

Phil is very excited about his snow cone

Inside Mi Tiera

xoxo Darby

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Susan said...

I'm sure enjoying reading your blog. Sounds like you are really enjoying Texas. Nebraska isn't near that exciting. The weather has been great. It has been in the 80's most every day. The family members that went to the Merritt Youth Retreat were: Darrel and Linda, Me, Randy, Melanie, and boys, and Vance, Vicki, and Gavyn, Luke and Melanie. Roger went up on Thu. to help set up, and Mike went up on Sunday to help take down. I had five girls in my small group. Everything went great. The weather was perfect. They said the water slide was the best one they've ever had. I wouldn't know because I've never gone down any of them.
Melanie and Luke always like to do skits. They are so good at it. Usually there are around 120-130 young people there, but there was just over 100 this year. We all come home to gardens that needed tended and vegetables that needed canned. Roger, Bev, and kids are on vacation in Missouri. They will be back Friday. I miss those grandkids. Randy and Melanie are working on their house. They will be glad to get that done. We're all anxiously awaiting word from Erin and Jerrett. We've been praying for a long time.Sounds like Joni is getting anxious, too. If I could figure out how to send pictures I would.

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