Friday, June 3, 2016

Hawley Peeps Monthly: Month 4

Uhhhhhh so somehow this happened.  My littlest babe is 4 months old????
No, can’t be true.  I refuse to believe this.
Instead I will claim that I just can’t count…..and I will blame it on sleep deprivation.
So there!
Month 4- DutchMonth 4- DSC_0472
  • You started school this month and did your first art project at school
  • Not so ironically you also got your first cold on your second day of school…yay germs!
  • Comically, you received your 1st birthday invitation at 13 weeks
  • Watched your first Steelers game (and we won 27-30 against the Browns)
  • Attended your first college game at HBU
  • I told your dad that "Sometimes my face hurts because Dutch makes me smile so much"
  • At 14 weeks old you found your left thumb & traded his pacifier for his thumb
  • We had our first weekend with just baby and mom.  Daddy went camping
  • You had your first sick day (1/2 day off from school due to digestion issues)
  • Discovered feet at 14 weeks
  • Babbling a lot at 13 weeks.  Response to language with babbles at 13 weeks
  • Loves to sit on daddy's head
  • Wearing 0-3 months
  • Wakes up smiling
  • Can wiggle 360 on his play mat
  • Still has to late flat after eating to prevent spit ups
  • 1st time in buggy at church 15 weeks
  • Loves school teachers especially Miss Patty and Miss Jessica
  • Favorite toy is a hanging stuffed frog
  • Loves being outside
  • Sleeping pretty good but not through the night yet
  • Loves kicking legs
  • Thumb has completely surpassed the pacifier in level of importance
  • Loves mama's hair, but doesn’t pull on it yet
  • 16 weeks rolled from belly to back
  • 1st road trip and visit to the ranch
  • 1st ride on a quad
Month 4- EllisDSC_0675-2
  • You’re more and more awake and taking things in
  • It looks like you're just dying to giggle.  Every now and then you coo, but we can tell that you really just want a huge big belly laugh
  • At 14 weeks I switched you to size 2 disposable diapers.  Size 1 still fits but not for much longer and I refuse to buy something that will fit you a little bit longer.
  • Daddy weighed you at home at 14 weeks, and you're 14 lbs :-)
  • You scooted in a circle on your back when you were 14 weeks old.  I put you on the bobby and when I turned around you had moved!  I'm not emotionally ready for my little baby to be mobile yet.  Why does the baby stage end so quickly?
  • I'm pretty sure that you've got allergies.  Every morning for about a month I've had to suction your nose.  You're not runny or stuff during the day, or even the majority of the night, but you definitely are stuffy in the morning.  It's hard for you to breath and eat.  It makes you so mad to be suctioned, but you like it once I'm done.  I makes me so sad for you! 
  • You are trying way too hard to sit up!  You want to look around and be part of the conversation.  You like to see what is going on so you're constantly trying to lift your head. I'm honestly just not ready for this stuff yet Ellis!
  • At 15 weeks old you first giggled loudly.  Daddy was singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song and you thought it was hilarious.  Of course I couldn’t get it on tape and I’ve been chasing you with the camera but I keep missing.
  • At 15 weeks you started to get too long for your 3 month jammies.  I had to put you in larger ones so that you could straightened your legs.
  • You are talking alllllll the time; lots of babbling
  • At 16 weeks you're becoming more and more alert, and your motor coordination is improving.  You can reach out and touch the toys in front of you. 
  • You seem to LOVE your right two fingers and you have them in your mouth all the time.  You no longer use your pacifier anymore (at 16 weeks).
  • At 17 weeks old Ellis rolled over for the first time, from back to belly on the guest bedroom bed.  I walked out of the room for just a second and when I came back she had flipped.  So I didn’t get the first roll on camera but I turned her over and she did it two more times and I got those on camera
  • Your entire 16th week you slept on mama’s chest in the living room on an incline because you’re still struggling a lot with your allergies at night.
  • You are so super long and in 6 month jammies, some of which are fitting you perfectly already!
Four Month Old Collage
xoxo Darby

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