Monday, June 27, 2016

The Last Bath?

Some one….some mean mean mama (I kid……sort of), suggested that I get and read the children’s book: Let Me Hold You Longer by Karen Kingsbury.  The book has good intentions, it really does, but gosh it is tough!  The book very poetically suggests not just focusing on your child’s firsts but also their lasts.

The last time your child asks you to pick them up.
The last time you play catch with your child.
The last time you have to fight your kid to eat their greens.
The last time you nurse and rock your baby to sleep.
The last time you have to help your child get dressed.
The last time that you have to help your child get shampoo out of their eyes.

You get where I’m going with this.  (Let the water works flow! You have my permission).  You see the thing is, is that you never know when it’s going to be the last time.  It’s just going to happen and one day you will think to yourself:

 “Gee I don’t remember the last time that I picked up my baby.  
He just got so heavy, and I couldn’t lift him. Hmmmm, when was that?”  

We focus so much on the firsts that we forget to focus on the lasts.  Maybe it’s better that way and the way God designed our brains: we get to be excited the first time they achieve something, but don’t have to mourn the lasts because we don’t know that at the time it is the last time.  Maybe it’s better for our mental health?  I don’t know.  When I think about it though it makes me so sad.  I have a terrible time with…. well time.  I hate it.  I never loathed it so much since I had children.  I cry over how fast things change and move on; it’s something I am continually upset about.  Of course I’m joyful about new chapters, and so glad that we get the new chapter (duh!), but that doesn’t take away from the fact that what was will never be again.  I don’t know if I’m the only one that over analyzes children’s books, but seriously this is where this book sent me thinking.  If I wasn’t a mamarazzi before I certainly am now.  A take a bazillion pictures because I’m trying to get the first AND the last of every thing now so that I can always look back with fondness once my babies have left the nest.  Uggggghhhh it’s exhausting sometimes lol  Bath time is so much fun right now and one day I took pictures of bath time because I want to remember it as always this sweet and fun.  I imagine when the teenage years come bath time will be like the next world war, but for now I want to remember just how much fun baths are now with a toddler.
Yep, I’m going to miss these days.
No doubt about it.
xoxo Darby


StephTheBookworm said...

We have that book too. I love it so much but I always end up bawling when I read it!

Susan Fleming said...

I remember you last bottle aND diaper change. After all these many years I still cry

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