Monday, June 20, 2016

A Little Confession Time

It’s been a while since my last confessional, and lately several things have just popped into my brain so I’ve got a few things I gotta spill: 

1. Kiddie Spoon Saves The Day- The other day it had been so long since I did the dishes (which was only like 2 days, but with 4 people going through the dishes 2 day seems like a really long time) that I had to stir my reheated first cup of coffee (at 4pm) with one of Dutch’s spoons. 

2. Encouragement- One of my spiritual gifts is the gift of encouragement. Before I go any further, I have to say that I LOVE this gift.  I adore being able to listen to others and then respond in a way that brings others peace, perspective, direction, or prayer.  However, being an encourager can sometimes be draining for me.  Even the encouragers need to be encouraged.  So if you have an encourager in your life that is always there for you, or you are always asking them questions, or always venting to them, make sure that you turn around and feed encouragement to them. 

3. Lazy Cooking- Maybe this follows-up #1 pretty well, but lately I have been picking things to cook based on how many dishes it will take to dirty.  The fewer the better because I clearly don’t have time to do the dishes. I need to be able to stir my coffee. Priorities people! lol 

4. The Grass is Greener- I have noticed lately that several of the physical features my children inherited from me, I loath about myself, but when I see them on my kids my heart swells up and I think they are so cute.  For example, I have some seriously chubby chipmunk cheeks and I just do not like those cheeks of mine.  I always want to look away from my cheeks, but when I see those plump cheeks on my kiddos I can’t stop staring and kissing them. 

5. My Favorite Alarm Clock- At night before bed I try to make sure everything is ready to go in the morning: clothes are laid out, schedule for the next day is set, lunch is packed if Dutch is going to school, you get the drill.  My favorite thing to get ready, like my favorite so much so that I smile while I do the chore, is setting the coffee pot.  Knowing that I will wake up to the kitchen smelling like warm and toasty coffee almost, almost, makes me excited to hurry up and go to bed so that I can get up in the morning. 

6. Please Be Food Poisoning- On Saturday I started having a really weird feeling in my stomach. You know the feeling.  It's just an off feeling.  It could clear up or it could be really ugly.  I skipped dinner and fell asleep on the couch.  When I moved to bed around 11pm I knew something was off but I still couldn't pin point it.  I fell back to sleep in bed as I was running the day through in my brain of what could be making me feel weird.  By 1 am I knew, I KNEW, that I was sick.  For the rest of the night and early morning I was reminded that I was sick.  The entire time I was hugging the comforting cold bathroom floor I was praying "Please Lord let this be food poisoning!"  If you have little kids maybe you pray for food poisoning too?  I just knew that if this was a bug that everyone would get it and I just would rather me be violently ill for a couple days (and on the weekend rather than the week when I'd have to deal with it on my own) than for it to circulate through the entire family.  The Mr. got up on fathers day and took the kids by himself to church, lunch, and to the park while I recovered.  Some father's day I gave him, but he is truly an awesome dad and hubby! I'm feeling better today but still waiting to see if anyone else comes down with the nasties.  Pray that it was food poisoning with me!!!

7. Postpartum Comparison- They say that every pregnancy, labor, kid is different.  And WOAH that has definitely been true for me.  My experiences from Dutch to Ellis have been so different.  Four years to conceive Dutch, 1 day to conceive Ellis.  Labor with Dutch 23 hours.  Labor with Ellis 36 hours.  I thought, and still think, that Dutch was a happy baby, but Ellis is WAY happier.  Dutch’s cry was so teeny, but Ellis, while she rarely cries, sounds like a pterodactyl about to land in your ear.  I imagined there would be differences between kids, but what I didn’t count on was the difference in myself with my postpartum body.  After Dutch I rebounded pretty quickly; I was under my pre-pregnancy weight by 10 weeks postpartum.  This time I was down to my prepreggo weight by 4 weeks after birth, but have gained about 8 lbs since then.  I watch what I eat so that I’m healthy but I don’t diet while I nurse.  My body is very sensitive to calorie intake so I have to make sure that I get enough for lactation.  So of course my body doesn’t look the same after 2 babies really close together but I’m okay with that and will deal with it later.  Something else though is my body temperature.  Even though Dutch was born in the summer my body temperature regulated pretty quickly after his birth.  This is not the case this time.  I am STILL just as hot as I was before Ellis was born.  I am a walking furnace still while I wait for my hormones to regulate.  And speaking of hormones regulating, I can tell that they’re still trying to return to baseline.  After Dutch my postpartum hair loss started at about 4 months but only lasted maybe 3 weeks, and it really wasn’t that much hair loss.  This, what I’m going through right now, is so so so so gross lol As my hormones regulate my hair loss started at about 3.5 months and it still going.  The fact that it is lasting this long isn’t really that terrible.  Annoying? Yes, but that isn’t my real issue.  What totally grosses me out (I gross myself out?!?!?!) is the amount of hair I’m losing.  I certainly hope these hormones get it together soon before I go bald!  Something else that is different is my sense of taste.  After I had Dutch everything about food went back to normal and I could taste everything the same again.  Not this time!  This time it’s as if my taste buds are dulled or numb.  I can’t taste anything; everything is bland.  I need LOTS of spice and flavor to taste anything.  Hopefully things will get back to normal with my postpartum body soon.  Goodness when they say a baby changes everything they sure were right!

Woah that number 7 was a doozy.  That’s probably enough for today lol
What do you need to confess today?  You’ve used more dry shampoo than actual shampoo lately?
I know I’m in good company, so come on spill it y’all! 
xoxo Darby

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