Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Best Books for Toddlers

Dutch’s second birthday is right around the corner. (Uhhhhhhh how did that happen?!?!) When I go birthday shopping or Christmas shopping for children, I always want to find the best gifts.  I want to always buy something that the child will like, but also something that will be educational and help as kids explore and grow.  So in honor of Dutch’s birthday I’m going to share over the next couple weeks some Dutch (& mama) approved books, toys, and learning tools.

Dutch is a big reader already, which just melts my mama heart.  
These are his favorites:Best Books For Toddlers

1. A is For Apple and 1-2-3 Count with Me- There are plenty of books with numbers and letters but what I love about these books, and what sets them apart, is that each page has a place where the child can trace the letter/number as they learn how to write.  There is also a flap on each page for counting and letter identification.  So not only does the child learn application with their numbers and letters but they also learn how to write.

2. Jesus Loves Me- There are several of these books and I think what Dutch loves about them is that they are set up to be sung along with a song (e.g. Jingle Bells).  My voice isn’t what it used to be but Dutch loves when I can sing a book to him, and I can't think of anything better than songs about Jesus.

3. Little Blue Truck and Little Blue Truck Leads the Way-  The Little Blue Truck series is awesome because it teaches great morals (e.g. helping others & not being scared to stand out).  Dutch loves trucks and animals so they are great tools to use to start teaching strong characteristics to him.  I read these books on a daily basis......like a thousand times on a daily basis lol

4. Matthew Van Fleet books- Van Fleet has written many books (we’ve got Color Dog, Moo, Heads, & Alphabet) and they’re all awesome.  Each book is filled with sensory overload & tons of ways for children to explore.  There are flaps, textures, scratch and sniff, tabs to pull, and pop-outs.  Really fun books!  The Color Dog book has got some really funny tabs :-)

5. Fisher Price Lift-the-Flap books- A friend of ours (Hi Aunt Katie!) gave Dutch 3 of these for Christmas…. and let me tell you, these are loaded with fun.  Each book has over 50 flaps!  Doesn’t every kid love books with flaps?! The sturdy flaps are great for finding objects, learning shapes and colors, and critical thinking.  We have so much fun playing hide and seek with these books!

Those are our favorite books. 
What are yours?
What other books do I need to get for Dutch?
xoxo Darby

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Cari said...

First NO WAY he is going to be 2! These kids are growing up TOO fast!!!! Bre is a reader also! Tho she is a bit older, she loves the BOB books!!! She loves being able to read herself.

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