Monday, July 9, 2012

Dinner on a Stick

Something I love about the summer is grilling out.  I love to heat up something easy and fast that is delicious and fun!  Grilling out by the pool with friends is my idea of a great summer afternoon :-) Doesn’t that sound simply wonderful?! I shared my latest kabob recipe with you a few weeks ago (click here), but I wanted to share some other skewer recipes with you for this summer.
Before you get started with your grilling, I want to remind you of my favorite kabob cooking tip: make sure to soak your skewers in water for at least 15 minutes before sliding on your dinner to cook.  Of course, this is only needed for wooden kabobs & prevents them from burning.
Grilled Shrimp & Smokey Grilled Corn Grits /Peach & Pork KabobsKabobs 1
Honey-Lime Chicken Skewers / Sweet & Sour Shrimp Kebabs / Pork Kebabs With Romesco Sauce / Buffalo Chicken SkewersKabobs 3
Beef and Veggie Kabobs / Grilled Scallop KabobsKabobs 4
And of course, we can’t forget fun dessert skewers!Kabobs 2
If you have not discovered the wonderful world of Pinterest, please do yourself a favor and get over there quick!!!  These recipes and others can be found here!
Have a great week friends!
xoxo Darby


Because Shanna Said So said...

Okay, I am hungry for all of this already and I just ate breakfast! ;) I love some summer grilling!

Unknown said...

I'm fairly certain I have sugested kabobs for dinner 56 times this summer and have been shot down 56 time.

BY GOLLY I WILL HAVE KABOBS THIS SUMMER and I think your post just gave me the amo to do it.

Not that I have used the "I saw it on a blog" excuse before or anything ;)

Happy week!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

WOW these look amazing! I think we should do more dinner on a stick. Totally pinning these :)

Bri Buzali said...

These are making my mouth water! Yummmm, I might have to make some this weekend :)

Lindsay said...

We LOVE kabobs around my house. We made these awesome fruit ones the other week & they were such a hit! Thanks for sharing these!

Bree said...

Oh my, these look sooo yum!! Going to have to try some this weekend for sure. :))

So glad to have met you yesterday!! Now finally following you as well! :))

henning love said...

dinner on a stick is a great summer dinner i love kebabs and you can literally use whatever you like the most as long as it will stay on a skewer.

sherri lynn said...

Oh all of these look so good! I have never cooked kebabs myself but I LOVE when other people cook them for me! This is something we'll have to try this summer! Thanks for the tip about soaking the skewers :)

Meggan said...

I love the idea of dessert skewers!! How fun for a summer party! xo

Tani@Tagana Rose said...

These all look so delicious!!
I hope you are having a wonderful day:)

Celia Houck said...

omg, i need the dessert skewers!

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