Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Hawley Halloween

Good ‘ole Abraham Lincoln, Adele, and a dinosaur walk into a bar.

Sounds like a really bad joke right?

I think so too! hahahaha

Well, that’s what the Hawley’s were for Halloween this year.  I figured that I better post about it now before it was Christmas when I finally got around to it.

If you know my hubby, you know that he grows out his beard every October for Octoberstache.  So every year we have to find a clever way to incorporate the beard/mustache into his costume.  This year he was out of town and we didn’t know if he would be back in time for Halloween or not.  This is all we came up with…..clearly we don’t think well on the spot.  lol  This is my Abraham Lincoln.DSC_0099
I am not a fan of Halloween.  I don’t even have a good reason why I dislike it.  I just don’t.  I never plan on dressing up, so this year was yet another last minute “what can I throw together?!”  costume.  So I was Adele :-)DSC_0102
Tomlin was the only Hawley that had a costume weeks in advance and actually got to wear it several times. Doesn’t she make the cutest dinosaur you’ve ever seen?!DSC_0092
We had a great Halloween, that was very low-key.  We took a walk around the neighborhood and enjoyed hearing all the “trick or treat” chants and the giggles of children hopped up on candy.
Hope you had a great Halloween too!
xoxo Darby


Lindsay said...

What a fun Halloween! You made a great Adele!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

You guys are adorable! Love how you incorporate the beard:-)

sherri lynn said...

You look great as Adele! I also hate Halloween and I hate dressing up! I never know what to wear.

Sarah said...

Tomlin looks adorable!!

Joy said...

All three of you were precious! Of course, you and Tomlin are my favorite!! I haven't dressed up since I was a kid and it was a leftover ballet costume from the year before. Those were the days!! I can't wait to see Tomlin's outfit next year. BTW — are you taking her to get her picture made with Santa this year. You know all good mommies do this!!! =)

Kellyn Fleming said...

I think you guys do a great job, every year! You are very creative! And I always love to see what Phil is going to be (next year can he be the Oxi Clean man with that thick beard!? Haha)I do enjoy seeing what you guys come up with. Did Phil even put a bullet wound on his forhead!? hahaha that's good. And I love your Adele, your hair is spot on! But I have to admit Tomlin is the show stopper, she's just so cute!!! I am glad you guys had a nice low-key halloween!

Nesha said...

I don't really care too much for Halloween either. And yes, she is definitely the cutest little dinosaur!

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