Monday, September 19, 2011

Destruction Before Reconstruction: Closet

This part of our master bedroom clean-up is the namesake of this series.  We have two walk-in closets in our master, and are so blessed that they are breaking at the seams.  It was way past time to clean them both out.  Phil took care of his fairly quickly; he’s a great purger.  I, on the other hand, not so much.

I have to admit, I let my closet go.  It became a place where I threw stuff in and shut the door quickly.

Clothes were all over the floor. 

It was beyond cluttered. 

I wasn’t even sure what I had in there anymore. 

I was embarrassed when I started cleaning, and I'm shocked (and mortified) that I’m even sharing these pictures with you.  But hey, I’m being real with you here so this is just another part of me.  Well let me correct myself, this is a FORMER part of me. 

But, I still felt the need to write “before” on every picture so I don’t have to claim this as my reality anymore.  I could offer a million excuses for my closet, but I’m not going to bother; it would be a waste of time.  Bottom line: I hate putting clothes on a hanger. Does anyone else feel this way?  I can't be the only one!

So here goes, my most embarrassing pictures I've ever posted:
This phrase could never be more true: I had to mess up to clean up!

While I was cleaning up I found clothes that were still in the packages and still had the tags on.  If I was completely unaware of the clothes I owned (and had never even worn!), it was waaaaaay past time to donate them.  I filled 10, 13 gallon trash bags with clothes, and donated over 30 pairs of shoes.
It was great to have a closet back and have things in order (i.e. so that I could find things).  This is where my purses, belts, & hats are now:

I'm one of those crazy OCD people that have my clothes color coordinated.  Here is where my shirts are, color and season coordinated.  
The ultimate goal of the closet cleaning was to move my jewelry box from my room into my closet, so that all of my getting ready stuff would be in one room.  So with all my purging, I now have my jewelry box in my closet :-)
Ok so I was completely real with you.  You've now seen the good, the bad, and the nasty, horrible, & ugly.  Sometimes cleaning and renovating is a process; I would be lying if I didn't include this part of the process.  I am committed to not letting my closet get that bed, ever again!  I promise!!!
xoxo Darby


Lindsey said...

lol... seriously don't feel bad. I have this same thing with hanger aversion... When I am putting clothes back I just.. it is like my brain thinks it takes too much time (and honestly it take too much time to clean it all later). The only difference between your closet and mine is that I don't have quite as much stuff because I have moved so many times it has forced me to purge. (I do however own a lot of sweaters... but that is because I LOVE them despite living in TX.. and I figure I can just wear them all on the few days in January.. and when I go to TN).. :)

sherri lynn said...

Oh Darby I love that you shared these pictures! Your closet was such a disaster! :) What a huge undertaking it was to clean out and purge! But now it looks SO good! I like that your clothes are organized by color. I told Caleb the other day that I needed to finish organizing my closet and he was like why I thought you already did that? And I was like wellll I need to organize my clothes by color. Glad I'm not the only one :)

Lindsay said...

You did such a great job getting it organized. I need you to come to my house now. :) Thanks for inspiring me. I need to get going on my closets soon.

Joy said...

Good job Darby!! You know, I did this about 2 months ago and it felt great. To get rid, donate and SEE exactly what I had and didn't have.

Ashley Smith said...

can you come clean my closet out for me.. LOL

Kelly M. said...

Looks great. Why do I need sweaters in Houston? LOL!

Irish Italian Blessings said...

GREAT JOB!! Me next? Please? I also color coordinate my clothes, is there really any other way?!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

You are one brave lady...tackling the closet so beautifully and showing the actual pictures:-) My closet looks exactly like your befores but I will attempt to spruce it up this weekend!

Unknown said...

Love the Steelers jersey peeking through there! And I'm terrified to show you what my closet currently looks like... and it actually doesn't look too bad to me right now. But you did an awesome job with yours and I am crazy jealous that you have a whole little armoire full of jewelry! : )

-Mel the Crafty Scientist

The Single Nester said...

Girl, looks great. But you should think about selling your clothes and shoes on eBay. I just sold a bunch.

The Sims II said...

I absolutely relate with everything in this post. I live in Tucson and cannot stop buying scarves!! Not to mention that although my husband would like I dont so much stick to the rule of throwing something out everytime I buy something new! Good luck with your new organized closet, I hope it stays that way for longer than mine!!!

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