Monday, November 14, 2011

Why Tomlin?

Yes, Tomlin is a girl.
No, she was not named after Lily Tomlin or Chris Tomlin.
She was named after the fantastic Mike Tomlin.
Yep, we are serious Steelers fans.
Of all the Steelers paraphernalia around our house, nothing speaks louder to our fanship (is that a word? I guess it is now) than our pup’s name.
Don’t you think she looks like a “Tomlin”? DSC_0059
You don’t?
How about now? DSC_0442
Can you see the resemblance?mike-tomlin1
hehehe :-)
xoxo Darby


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Very cute...I thought Tomlin was for Lily! Oops!

sherri lynn said...

Darby you're so cute! I knew you named her Tomlin as in Steelers. You are devoted fans!! :)

Joy said...

OHHH myyyy! How I love me some Tomlin Hawley!!! She is ridiculously too cute!! I want to grab her ears and rub them til she falls asleep. Then snuggle with her sweet self until she's ready to play. Auntie Joy loves you Tomlin.

navy and orange said...

too cute and love the name!

xoxo navy & orange

Irish Italian Blessings said...

OMG the pic with the glasses is just perfect!

Kellyn Fleming said...

I love the comparison! haha I def see the resemblance! :)

DaisyGirl said...

So funny!!!!

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