Monday, September 24, 2012

Pirates in Houston

It's no secret that the Mr and I are Steelers fans (if you're new around here, here is a quick catch-up post for you).  While football is our favorite sport, when the Pittsburgh Pirates come to Houston, we are all over it like flies on tape (that was a gross analogy, sorry).

The last time the Pirates were in Houston we had Diamond seats and sat right behind homeplate and were on ESPN.  That was an evening to remember!

Even though we sat MUCH higher this time, it was still a night to remember.  The Mr and I had such a genuinely fun time eating our peanuts and cracker jacks (Actually we didn’t eat that but I feel like I have to say that since this is a baseball post. In reality we had nachos.)  Anyways, it was a great Friday night and I was looking forward to all week!
DSC_0108Go Pirates!DSC_0113The Mr was nervous because of the tie in the 9th inningDSC_0114
A meeting on the moundDSC_0119And then we won! wahoooo!!!!  Then the Astros hosted a party of fireworks for us!  (Not really, but I like to think they did hehe)
I have yet to master photographs of fireworks, so these is the best picture of them.DSC_0130DSC_0134I love the city of Houston for the backdrop :-)DSC_0146
I just love the feeling of baseball in the summer.  It just fits so perfectly.  Don’t you think so?
What is your favorite baseball team? When was the last baseball game you went to?
xoxo Darby


Joy said...

I think the last major baseball game I saw last was the Twins & Cardnials in St Louis! Now remember, this was ages ago. But it looks like y'all had a great time. Too bad the pups didn't get to go... I could see them jumping to run after the balls! =)

Have a great week!

Myra said...

Eeek you were so close to our house!! We can see the fireworks from our place :) I love me some baseball - and of course, nachos! So glad y'all had a great time!

Sarah said...

i'm a minnesota twins girl through and through. but i've only been to one game in their new field (this is their third season there! i guess that's what happens when you live 6 hours away from where they play). we went last sept. for my mom's bday- so fun!!

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

I haven't been to a baseball game in ages! Looks like a great time, AND you got fireworks! Wahoo!

sherri lynn said...

This sounds like such a fun Friday night! I love when games end with fireworks :) The last baseball game I went to was just our little local team. The only MLB game I've been to was an Orioles game, and I got caught on the Kissing Cam! haha it was so funny

Mrs. Pancakes said...

That looks like fun! One of our fav past times as well!!

Unknown said...

Wow! ESPN!! You're like a sort-of celebrity!! Big sports teams are one thing we wish Idaho had. The closest we get is Boise State which is clear on the other side. My hubby's life dream is to go to a Packers game in Green Bay. Maybe one day when the kids are a little older!

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