Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keepin’ it Real Confessional

Occasionally I like to enlighten LWTH readers with how weird normal I am. 
I like to keep it real with y’all.
You may think you know me, but do YOU?

I make funny faces in the mirror while I do my hair.

I clumsily drop my make-up on the floor constantly.88dd81a4c12911e188131231381b5c25_7

I buy way too much for the pups.a537f36ea51f11e1be6a12313820455d_7

I put my bra on Tomlin once for a photo.  I cackle giggle every time I see this picture.d9415e0cc84c11e1abd612313810100a_7

I eat right out of the carton.e9561460c16511e18cf91231380fd29b_7
So there you have it; here is me keepin’ it real with you. 
Did you know me?
What do I not know about YOU? ;-)
xoxo Darby


Unknown said...

Very cute! At first I thought it said dropped your phone on the floor..Whew glad I read t wrong! Please come by and visit Hurley Love

Unknown said...

A. You look like a cute pin up girl in that first picture! SO FREAKING CUTE.
B. Tomlin looks like Napoleon about to take over a small country!!!

glad your keepin it rullllll up in hur!

Meg O. said...

You look so vintage in that first pic!! Love it!! And lol at the bra on the dog! HILARIOUS!!

Kristin said...

The Tomlin photo literally made me laugh out loud (and maybe even snort) at my desk. I needed that this am! :)

Lindsay @ Trial By Sapphire said...

Awwww! Dropping make-up on the floor is the worst!

But you look so cute in the first two pictures.

And come on? Pet photos? I'm a total sucker for them!

Something you don't know about me: I can sing, but I cannot whistle a tune to save my life.

Joy said...

HAHA, I love it! We all knew you were a little bit crazy! LOL Poor Tomlin... she just sits there and takes it! But talking about clumsy... I dropped almost a completely full bottle of perfume on our bathroom floor this morning before I left for work. When I went home at lunch... the entire house (all 2700 sq ft) smelt like it. Ooops!

Jamie said...

Ha. You're cute. Dropping makeup is one of my largest pet peeves. It goes everywhere! I love spoiling the puppies. They always appreciate it!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Lol!! You are too funny!!!

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