Monday, April 2, 2012

MIA- Adventures of Team Pancakes

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Mornin’ folks! I had a busy weekend and this is the big week I’ve been waiting for and anxious about for 5 years.  My dissertation is on Friday. AHHHH Say a prayer for me please.  Ok enough freak-out talk.  Today Mrs Pancakes is visiting, and I cannot even begin to tell you how fabulous she is.  I love her heart for the Lord and genuine friendship.  I think after you read her post you’re gunna want to move in with her lol 
Adventures of Team Pancakes
Hello lovely Readers of Life with the Hawleys, I am Mrs. Pancakes
and I blog about my newlywed life over at the Adventures of Team Pancakes.
How exciting is that Darby is working on her PhD?!
Good luck Darby in putting that dissertation together...
I know the babies
(Tomlin and Rooney) are definitely helping you out!
When Darby put the invitation out there, I was super excited because I thought here is my chance to dream a little about Home Furnishing because after all I LOVE how Darby always decorates her home!
She definitely inspires me so I wanted to take this opportunity to decorate our future home.
One of the things I am most excited about is purchasing a home in the near future.
I have a few inspirations I wanted to share with you today.
Here are some bedroom inspirations.
I love the symmetry of this look. And the nice/neutral colors.
I've seen a lot of ottomans at the end of the beds but the sofa idea is practical and chic.
Ahhh our future kitchen has to be perfect for making and eating pancakes of course.
Our kitchen has to have a large island, lots of counter space,
stainless steel appliances, double stove and lots of lights and space to move around in.
Cherry Kitchen Cabinets | Mendota Door Style | CliqStudios traditional kitchen
One of the things we HATE about doing laundry is doing it in an apartment building.
So our future laundry room has to be amazing with a folding table and lots of cabinets.
Poway P Laundry room new construction traditional laundry room
We love spending time in our current living room so this room has be spacious, warm and inviting!
We can't wait to mount our flat screen.  And of course fireplace to enjoy cold winter nights!
Living Room contemporary family room
We both have lots of books, Cd's and movies that we cannot wait to display so we will need to have the most amazing library ever in our home!
This inspiration screams come, sit, relax and READ!
Kitchen with Library and Guest Bath contemporary family room
Thank you Darby for allowing me dream about my future home furnishing!
Thank you lovely readers for reading!
When you get  a chance, stop by and share in the Adventures of Team Pancakes!
I don’t know about you, but when Mrs Pancakes moves into her new home, I think I’m gunna tag along too!!!  I just fell in love with every room!  Make sure you stop by Adventures of Team Pancakes to check out what’s going on in their neck of the woods :-)
Happy Monday!
xoxo Darby


Lindsay said...

Such great ideas for a home! And she has such awesome taste as well, I need to pin these!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Thanks for having me Darby! And I'm in love with the ideas all over again:-)

Joy said...

We are house shopping and this has me thinking we will never find the perfect house!! I'm in love with that kitchen. But, I guess once we buy we can remodel, right?!?! Loved the post!! Darby — Friday will be here soon enough and I'm praying you make it through the week. Kiss the lovies for me!!

Unknown said...

I love these pictures. I now have the urge to buy a house and start decorating! Thanks for sharing.

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