Wednesday, August 19, 2015

God Showed Costco

Mornin' folks!  I hope your week is going well.  Ours so far has been pretty relaxing and low key.  Don't you just love weeks like that?  I wanted to tell you what happened to us this past Saturday.  I shared this on Facebook but I wanted to also share it here with y'all also.  It was just one of those hit-you-in-the-face moments that we've been pensive about and praying about all week.  Sometimes God shows up when you least expect it, but also when you need Him the most.  Let me tell you about it: 

Y'all, I have to tell you about our day! Let's just say that it was not going according to our plan, everything was going wrong, & patience were running thin. It's amazing when we're in that place and God decides to show up. We had traveled to Lowe's about 10 bazillion times for the DIY bathroom remodel that we were working on, stood in some excruciatingly long lines, and were finally getting lunch after our Costco run at 4:45pm (which was supposed to happen around 10am). Well just as we sat down at the concession stand a woman standing next to our table started bawling hysterically. We gave her some tissues and asked her to sit with us. You see, Jagdesh’s had a stroke 2 months ago and this was her first trip out. Since she lost all of her peripheral vision from the stroke, she had a very tough time in Costco on a crazy day with so many other customers. She was just so frustrated and overwhelmed that she just broke down. 
Thank you Lord for allowing our day to NOT go as WE had planned but instead, exactly like YOU planned it. 
Thank you for placing us at just the right place at Your most perfect timing so that we had the opportunity to meet Jagdesh and to hug, cry, and laugh with her. 
Thank you for allowing us to share a delicious Costco lunch super late in the day just so that we could share Your word and pray with our new sister in Christ. 
Thank you for reminding us that Your timing is always better than our own, and thank you for Jagdesh, thank you for sparing her life with her stroke and allowing her to remind us that You are present and active in every move that we make. Some days that are really rocky are the days when we can be most sharpened by the Lord.

I hope you all find some encouragement from our experience this weekend; we certainly had a shift in attitude.  We have been encouraged and reminded of those that are walking around with us in the journey of life.  We hope that you are having a great day, but if you're not, please allow us the privilege to pray with and for you!  We keep a button on the side of LWTH, to the right, where you can always click and submit a prayer request.  I can't tell you how many people have submitted prayers to us and we have watched the Lord go to work.  What a joy and honor we have had over the years to pray with our LWTH readers.  If you have a prayer or a praise, please click on the button, or right here, and let us pray with you!

Happy Wednesday friends!
xoxo Darby

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