Monday, April 21, 2014

Putty in their Paws

Happy Easter!  I hope everyone had such a fantastic Easter this year with their church, family, good food and of course lots of eggs stuffed with chocolate :-)

It’s been a while since the pups have stolen the show around here, and it was high time I show you what they’ve been up to lately.  It’s never been a question, but these two have us wrapped around their paws!DSC_0076DSC_0336DSC_0133IMG_20131210_075731IMG_20131222_081332DSC_0250DSC_0333DSC_0335DSC_0596DSC_0602DSC_0147IMG_20140118_090432
It really is a dog’s life, isn’t it?
Happy Monday friends!
xoxo Darby


Jessica K said...

That is one massive bone! I cannot wait to see those two cuties with the Little Peep!!

chandel314 said...

I LOVE to see pictures like this! It's clear your fur babies are just that; babies and are spoiled as they should be!! LOVE the life jacket :)

Susan Fleming said...

Such Precious Babies, they are Angels!!!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

your pups are just adorable!! im sure they are going to be like whose this little person when baby boy comes along!!!but it will be love fest!!

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