Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No Answer Does Not Mean “No”

No Answer Does Not Mean NoI’ve mentioned before that I read a devotional every morning, and lately I’ve been reading this pregnancy devotional.  It really is fantastic, and I enjoy growing my faith through the experience of pregnancy.  This week there was a devotion that I wish I had read years ago.  I’ve read the story of Lazarus so many times, but this time I received an entirely new message.  For the purpose of the devotional I think they were targeting women who were at the end of their pregnancies and were learning patience, but my mind went directly back to my struggle with infertility and I wanted to share this with you today in case you are not hearing the desire of your heart from the Lord immediately.

“Jesus wept”
John 11:35
“There is one place in scripture where we see our strong Savior weep.  Jesus learned that Lazarus, his dear friend, had passed.  When Mary, Lazarus’s sister, said to Him, ‘Lord, if you had been here, my brother would not have died.’ In disappointed tears, Jesus groaned in response and was troubled.  Mary, who knew He was capable of miraculous healing, assumed it was too late.
How often are we like Mary or Lazarus wearing grave clothes though we walk in His life? Because the answer wasn’t given on our timeline we believe that the answer is no.  Christ could have healed Lazarus’s illness, but instead He raised him from the dead.  Maybe, like Lazarus, your yes came later than expected.  Perhaps you prayed for a baby and waited years before God finally allowed conception.  Or perhaps you’ve been praying for healing, a job, or a situation for so long with no response that you groan like Mary, ‘It’s too late!’  What are you filled with sadness over? What has weighed down your heart? God has not forgotten you.  You will see the glory of God”

Some times when we don’t hear what we want, when we want it, we assume the answer is 'no'.  However, if we had actually received the desires of our hearts when we wanted them, we may have limited the power and potential miracles God had in store for us.  I know in my own life when I have not received my desires, but have waited, when I do finally get an answer it always ends up being much better than I could even imagined.  If this is you this morning, just remember:  You are a precious and beloved child of God, and He has not forgotten you.
Fierro, P., & Chafin, S. (2007). 280 Days of Prayer and Inspiration: Your Pregnancy Devotional (p. 260). Avon, MA:
Adams Media.
xoxo Darby


Kellyn Fleming said...

I love this. In all of life's many journeys this is a wonderful reminder. Thank you!

Susan Fleming said...

Sometimes the Lord answers prayers with Unanswered Prayers. We just need to listen.

Jessica K said...

Thank you friend! I needed this reminder. Also, sounds like a great devotional!

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