Monday, August 17, 2009

Towels and Buckets

Last weekend was pretty busy, but very exciting. The weekend started out rather surprising. Last year when Hurricane Ike arrived in Houston, our roof was damaged. It wasn’t damage so much though that we were a priority to have it fixed. There were other families who had their entire roof come off, so we felt very blessed that we were not such a priority to have it fixed. The roof was patched but definitely looked like it has been patched because the shingles didn’t match the rest of the roof. This past Friday the company fixing our roof was finally able to match our shingles. I was working from home in the afternoon so that I could be there while they were patching. The workers got off the roof for a break at just the moment that the great large Houston sky decided to break. It has rained maybe, maybe, four times since May; one of those days happened to be the day that our roof was being fixed and while the workers were on break without a tarp on the roof. I was working in my *newly* finished office when I started to hear a drip. I had just finished the dishes and figured that I probably forgot to turn off the sink completely. Going into the kitchen I didn’t find any water dripping in the sink. Totally perplexed by this I turn and looked into the living room…and there I saw it! Where the chimney meets the vaulted ceiling portion of the living room (the portion I can’t possibly reach even when standing on the ladder!) the water was moving inside. The water was no longer dripping, but now a steady stream. I began setting up buckets and covering furniture and laying out towels to prepare for the rain coming inside. I called to the roofers to help me cover stuff and to get back on the roof, which they did. After the rain stopped we had more damage on the inside than we did before the project started. The kitchen, dining room, living room, my closet, the master bedroom, and the office ceilings now had to be replaced in addition to finishing the roof. I was not excited about this at all, but the good news was that since the roofers were already there they began to start fixing the ceilings right after the storm passed and are now almost done. It was a little inconvenient and started to scare me, but the good Lord wouldn’t give us anything we couldn’t handle! That was the most exciting part about Friday.
Part of the kitchen where the water started coming in and my bowls set up to catch water.

Saturday was really a great day. A couple from our smallgroup, Rhett and Morgan Dotson, had their son Caleb on 8/14 (congratulations Dotsons!) and we get the privilege of helping them adjust to their new lifestyle as parents. I say “privilege”, because it really is an honor to share this special time with them and glean what they learn about this transition. Phil cut their grass for them on Saturday so they will have one less thing to be concerned about completing. Also on Saturday, the women from small group hosted a shower for another couple, the Bercaws; I will post a separate entry on that. Saturday evening after all our running around, Phil and I met up for a date. Over the past couple weeks between work and traveling we haven’t had a date night. It was great to finally sit down together and spend some quality time with each other. We went to Preggo in Rice Village. The food was made from all organic foods and it was delicious! Sunday was nice and relaxing with church and some time at the pool. Now we are officially ready to start the last week of summer!

Oh and also…one more baby born last week! The Schillings, a very close family friend, had their daughter, Alexis Teresa, on 8/11. Congratulations Tom and Christine!
Alexis Teresa Schilling
xoxo Darby

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