Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School

Can you believe that the summer has come to a close? I cannot! It seems like every day goes by faster and faster!

On our last weekend before school started, Phil volunteered to work at the Mission Training Center. They still have a lot of damage from hurricane Ike and are struggling to get back up and running, so Phil worked on some construction projects for them. It was a plus for everyone, Phil liked working with his power tools (what man doesn’t?) and the Mission Training Center got one more project crossed off of their to-do list. Sunday we had a pizza party with our Sunday School class and then enjoyed a relaxing day at the pool.

We had a wonderful summer filled with exciting projects and trips, and while we’re sad to see summer go, we are both looking forward to a new school year. I’m particularly looking forward to getting back into a structured routine. This is our 21st year in school; that’s a *long* time in school (but much closer to being done this year than we were last year). Thank goodness we actually like school! Stay tuned to see how this enthusiasm adjusts throughout the school year.

This is a picture of me on my first day of school 21 years ago….. a lot has changed since then!

Also a congratulatory shout-out to the Lavericks: Congratulations on your new baby girl, Alina Payton, born 8/24/09!!! We can’t wait to watch her grow!

Me meeting Alina….I am going to spoil this little girl!
xoxo Darby

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