Wednesday, March 30, 2016

What I’m Lovin’ Wednesday: Green Toys

I don't know who has more fun with the toys in our house:
the kids or
the parents who still think they're kids?????!!!!
I know this is annoyingly crunchy to say, but in our home I try to have only natural fiber toys (mostly wood, and nothing with lights or songs).  I do this because I like to keep their toys as close to the earth as possible to leave enough room for the imagination.  When Dutch opened his Green Toy Christmas gifts from my dad this past year I was practically jumping up and down!  I had never heard of the company before, but have definitely educated myself now and made several purchases (ooooooopsies!!!)
Opening our Green Toys on Christmas….
…and proof that daddy plays with the toys in this house lolDSC_0231DSC_0233
Green Toys is an eco-friendly company that makes toys from 100% recycled fibers in the USA.  All of their toys pass national and international safety standards.  Everything from the brainstorming and the manufactoring of the toy, to the packaging is safe for children and the planet.  Their philosophy is:
 “By creating products made free of harm to children and the planet, we nurture young minds and bright futures.”    c26-B008KCQRR0-3-l

I just love love love loooooooooooove companies like this and want to support them.  They have so many great toys (check them out here and here).  Thanks to his grandpa, Dutch has the airplane and the submarine (which often become bath toys).  Ellis got the keys and the teether in her Easter basket this year.
 Green Toy Airplane
Green Toy SubmarineGreen Toy KeysGreen Toy Teether

We have a pretty big wish-list of toys we want from Green Toys! Seriously, if you have not heard of this company, I highly recommend it.  We are defintiely big fans and supporters :-)
I was not paid for this post, but if Green Toys wants to start paying me I'd gladly accept the compensation ;-)
xoxo Darby

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