Thursday, May 19, 2011

Virginia Girl

Virginia....where the tea is sweet and accents are sweeter, summer starts in April, front porches are wide and words are long, macaroni and cheese is a vegetable, BBQ is the state food, y'all is a proper pronoun, chicken is fried, biscuits come with gravy, everyone is honey, someone is always getting their heart blessed, and we are all "fixin" to do something.

virginia is for loversvia

Even though I am from Virginia, I posted the Texas version of this a few weeks ago,  because that’s where I live now and I appreciate the Texan culture.  But when I put the two states together, there are hardly any differences.  I think the real bottom line is that I LOVE the South!  It just does not get any better!

xoxo Darby


Jen said...

What a cute little description of Virginia! I've never really spent time in the south -- I think I need to -- it sounds wonderful! I've always been an East Coast and MidWestern girl!

harts said...

following via gfc. Found you on the alexa hop

Joy said...

Sounds just like the way it is here in Mississippi! Speaking of where the chicken is fried... we are having a new recipe for oven fried chicken tonight. Be sure to stop by the blog tonight to get the recipe!

Kristen said...

Visiting from the Alexa hop! I’m also following via GFC. Would love if you could stop by and do the same :)

Kristen from

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