Sunday, May 15, 2011

Plates From Around the World

We haven't had a week like this in a while, but sometimes I get this brainy crazy idea that we should have a week where every meal is indicative of a different culture.  I decided to do this the week of Cinco de Mayo, and totally forgot to include Mexican food.  How lame is that?! Please forgive me: I’m super oblivious sometimes.

30-Minute Chicken Paprikash - This was my first brush with Hungarian.  Before this I had never tasted Hungarian, and I had certainly never attempted to cook it.  It was a really tasty chicken stew, but would probably be better on a day that is cooler than Houston in May. DSC04831

Skillet Baked Ziti and Bread Sticks- I never leave Italy out of an around the world week. NEVER!  Looks aside, the taste was great. I used whole-wheat penne and Kraft Italian Cheese Blend instead of the parmesan.  Considering the taste, time to prepare, and having all of the ingredients on hand on a normal basis, I will probably make this again. DSC04838

30-Minute Pork Vindaloo- This was also another first for me.  A couple weeks ago Phil asked me what I wanted for dinner and I said that I wanted an adventure and something different (normally I request Italian.  Are you seeing a trend here?).  So he surprised me with reservations at an Indian restaurant downtown and it was beyond fantastic.  Because of my new found affection for Indian food, I had to include Indian last week. 

The biggest issue I had with this recipe was finding the spices. First I went to Kroger for the garam masala and couldn’t find it. Then while I was flipping through the cookbook I found a recipe for garam masala. Since I still needed 2 of the ingredients to make my own (coriander and cardamom), Phil & I walked to Central Market to pick them up. When we finally found them in the spice section our jaws hit the floor at the sight of the price tag. It was going to cost us $16 just to make the spice I originally wanted.  What?!  We decided that it wasn’t worth it and we would just pretend it was there.  Since we were already at the market, we walked over to the coffee section (we’re BIG fans) to get our weekly coffee. Since the coffee section is adjacent to the make-your-own spices section, we decided to check if the garam masala was there. *It was there AND for $5.99/lb!*  I probably got more than I will ever use for only 42 cents!!!! So the problem was solved and we didn’t have to pretend! It was certainly a hunt but well worth it. I was expecting the spice to be really hot, but instead it had a sweet flavor. I served the vindaloo over whole-grain rice with naan crackers. I was pleasantly surprised with how well this dish turned out. I especially liked the flavor that the cilantro added to the dish. DSC04842DSC04845

I just LOVE around the world week at our house.  Do you have special recipes that are famous from where you are from or where you are living? Please share them, because I would love to incorporate your favorite recipes into our next around the world week.

xoxo Darby


Jen said...

What a great idea to spice up a regular week! I'm always nervous to cook recipes outside the norm, but you've inspired me!

The Starwarsmamma said...

Looks tasty! I love trying new stuff but often get stuck in one "place". Italian constantly seems to be popping up in my kitchen, lol.

Thanks for participating in the Sundae hop, I'm following you from there. If you haven't already checked out my blog I sure would appreciate it.


Ann Jones said...

We make a lot of ethnic food in our house, yummy! Im surprised your kroger didn't have the spices, my kroger carries nothing, but for some reason has a ton of spices :) I hate it when i can't find something, drives me crazy! I have made chicken paprikash, it's yummy!

Unknown said...

Yummm! That looks soo good! I'm hungry now!

I'm just stopping by from the SSS Hop! Thanks for linking up with us!

Have a great week and hope to see you again next weekend!


GranGoddessa said...

My Dear Hawleys,

I am visiting from the Alexa Hop and have to say that this is one of the cutest blogs I have seen. I will be back to read more, especially your adobo sauce as it's a favorite. Am inviting to visit me, too.


Marlee's Creations said...
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Marlee's Creations said...

Wow, you are super adventurous with cooking, I'm impressed! I'm dropping by from the Alexa hop and I'm your newest follower.

I hope you'll come by, too!

Marni's Organized Mess said...

I am officially hungry NOW. ; )

Thanks for linking up on my Super STALKER Sunday! I can't believe the response we have gotten again this week! :D If I wasn't already stalking you, I am now!

I hope you won't be a stranger and come back next week, or even just mid week and say hello! : ) I post lots of other great things like recipes, tackles, and rambles (oh my!).

Have you checked out my FANTASTIC Blog Hop Directory? It has at least 20 blog hops listed for each day of the week. There has to be something there to suit your fancy too. ; )

Emily said...

Thanks for linking up with Super Stalker Sunday hop. There are so many wonderful blogs participating, I hope you've found a few that you enjoy. Be sure to join us again next week!

Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

The Couponista said...

Stopping by for the Alexa hop!

Cher said...

Spices definitely are expensive especially if you don't know if you will keep using them!

Stopping by from Spearmint Baby Alexa Blog Hop!

Now following you via GFC!

I hope you’ll visit me back at

Shana said...

I've never had Hungarian either but maybe I'll try it. Hi! Just stopping by. Following you from the Buzz On By Thursday Blog Hop. I’m trying to get some attention to my new facebook fan page. Would love it if you would ‘like’ my page: I also have a blog:

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