Monday, April 18, 2011

Guest Basket

‘Tis the season for company, at least in the Hawley house it is. A lot of our family & friends will be, or have already, visited us this spring & summer. Since our house turns into a bed and breakfast occasionally (which we LOVE), we always want to make sure our guests feel as comfortable and rejuvenated as possible. We want them to check what is in the fridge, flip through the magazines on the coffee table, walk around barefooted, etc. For the past couple years, we have been doing something that has really added to the comfort of ours visitors: a guest basket.
I put this basket in the guest room and fill it with goodies for them:

First and foremost, a bible

Granola bars

Bottled water


Hand sanitizer

Fingernail clipper set

Small sewing kit

Toothbrush, I make sure these are individually wrapped for sanitary reasons


Shower gel

Channel guide (some TVs are just harder to navigate)


A Houston magazine

Pen and stationary

If you want to add a guest basket to your guest room, don’t forget to refill it between visits or else that could be really awkward (especially with the loofa and toothbrush LOL). Be sure to let your guests know that they can feel free to dig through the basket for anything they may have forgotten. Hope this helps when you have visitors :-)
xoxo Darby


Lindsey said...

Cute.. :) I actually do something like this as well. It is more filled with strictly hygiene products.. but I like some of your ideas as well. I may expand my basekt with some of your idea. :)

~ Noelle said...

i want to come visit your place! LOL
great ideas!

Unknown said...

Hey! Thanks for the follow:-) I am now following you too! I look forward to reading more and hope you keep reading mine:-)

Haylee said...

Darby, You are an amazing woman. So crafty and sweet!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic. Love this idea!

First time visitor and follower from the Alexa Hop! Tami

Holly G said...

Hi! I came over from the Alexa Blog Hop and I am a new follower. I hope you'll come by to follow-back. Have a wonderful day! :)


TJ @ said...

Hi! New follower from the Spearmint Baby Alexa blog hop! I LOVE your background! :-D Have a great day!

Pink Dandy Chatter said...

Hi, Following you from Spearmint Baby.
Have a great week!

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